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Difference Between Bahai and Christianity

Baha’i Faith assert that a person may accept the Baha’i Faith and continue to be a faithful Christian. However, is the aforementioned statement the truth of the matter?

What is Baha’i faith?

The Baha’i belief is truly refined and several of its adherents today are knowledgeable, fervent, diverse, politically liberal, but still socially traditional.

Likewise, Baha’i believers are not only conventional when it comes to understanding their own Baha’i scriptures. More than that, studying the scriptures of other world religions are expected. It is actually probable to see a Baha’i believer who is more knowledgeable on topics about Christianity than the common Christian. They prioritize education such as gender equality, unlimited education, and consensus among religion and science.

However, the Baha’i religion still has countless theological loopholes and doctrinal disparity for that matter. In comparison to Christianity, its root teachings are exclusively typically superficial. The distinctions are broad and essential and we need a longer article just to study those things thoroughly.

Baha’i is one of the recently established religions originating out of Islam in the land of Persia yet it attained an extraordinary prominence. It has also esteemed itself as an uncommon world religion considering its size of 5 million adherents; its global range (236 countries); its autonomy from their religion of origin which is Islam; and for its unique teachings and inclusive belief in one God.

What is Christianity?

Christianity is a faith-based religion composed of people who believe that God saves every person because of His mercy upon them; and because of that, His will is not foiled by the wickedness or failure of humans. Christians also believe in the assertion that every person is enslaved to sin because of the fallen nature of man.

Humans are naturally unwilling to love God. They tend to be selfish creatures who deny the Holy Law of God. Christianity also has a teaching asserting that God has predestined everything before the foundations of the world.

The predestined ones are given to Jesus Christ for salvation. Humans who are not chosen gain the blameless judgment of God because of their sin. To add to that, Christianity also teaches and believes that Jesus’s atoning sacrifice was the surety and assurance of the Christians for their salvation.

This signifies that the sins of the chosen people were the only atoned for by Jesus’s sacrificial death. The Christian religion believes that the redeeming grace of God is only applied to those elected by God to be saved. The powerful sovereignty of God through the Holy Spirit cannot be opposed and Christians willingly abide to Christ.

Lastly, all true Christians definitely trust in the sovereignty of God. Christians believe that the will of God cannot be opposed by humans or anything in this world. The humans chosen by God for redemption will persevere in faith until death. It only goes to show that those people who supposedly cease to have faith in Christ either at no time had genuine faith at the outset  as mentioned in 1 John 2:19.

Differences Between Baha’i and Christianity

Origin of both Baha’i and Christianity

The Bahá’í Faith was established in Persia in the 19th-century by Bahá’u’lláh. Because of that, Bahá’u’lláh was exiled for teaching the Baha’i faith and eventually died as a prisoner. When Bahá’u’lláh passed away, his son Abdu’l-Bahá became the leader of the new religion and it continued to spread from Persia and the Ottoman Empire to America and Europe, and even suffered great persecution in Iran.

After the death of the son, Abdu’l-Bahá, the Bahá’í religious community entered a new leadership phase. It evolved from a sole leadership to an order of administration with elected groups and appointed people. Probably, there are greater than 5 million Bahá’í believers worldwide living in more than 200 countries.

Christianity is wrongly portrayed as a religion that originated from a small group of followers of Jesus in the first century. The truth is according to Scriptures, Christians are predestined to exist before the foundations of the world.

Belief about the Nature of Man of both Baha’i and Christianity

Baha’i believers claim that the nature of human is basically spiritual and good. A quote that is taken from their web site is saying human nature is basically good. Baha’u’llah declared that our true identities reside in our eternal souls.

Baha’i teachings says that the sole purpose of every human soul is to have knowledge about God and to love Him. The Bahai believers do not abide in original sin in the original sin doctrine instead, they teaching and believe that each person can have the choice to use his or her the divine attributes in his or her life.

The teaching of the Holy Bible is contradictory to the teachings of the Baha’i religion that humans are basically imperfect by possessing a natural tendency to be wicked and self-serving. Christianity teaches that without Christ, all of the elects are spiritually dead in our disobedience and transgressions. In reality, the Scriptures teaches that the heart of men which is the inward being is truly wicked.

Christianity also has a teaching called “original sin”, which the Baha’i clearly rejects. Original sin happened because of the first sin of the first created one, Adam. All humans transgressed, and this sinful nature of men has been handed down through generations. The Christian Bible teaches that no human being is righteous, and that we all fall short of God’s glory.

Identity of Jesus in both Baha’i and Christianity

The Baha’i religion tries to place Jesus Christ alongside Moses, Abraham, Krishna, Zoroaster, Buddha, and many more. As they say, those who established the Baha’i religion are said to be the most recent instance of the “progressive revelation” of a Holy God.

But the truth is, Jesus is positioned highly than other so-called holy prophets or individuals. Only Christ was put to death through crucifixion for the sin of the elect of God as stated in John 6:44. Jesus is the only one who has risen from the dead.

All of those so-called holy men are still buried in the ground; while Jesus is the only one who conquered death and performed miracles that God alone in human body could do.

Baha’is Belief in Unity of All Religions

The Baha’i doctrines center around oneness and Baha’i believers adhere to a belief that unity of all religions is essential. Baha’u’llah stressed the value of being united, and harmonious in every human action. The consecutive messengers and prophets established their religions at various era in history and Baha’is believe that each religion form a role of one systematic, united and progressive revelation from God.

On the other hand, Christ taught that the only way to God is though faith in Jesus. In fact, Jesus proclaimed that He is the Door of the sheepfold. He proclaimed in His Holy Word that He is the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father except through Him.

Belief in Progressive Revelation by Baha’i

Bahai believers adhere to a belief in one God who teaches humankind through different religions even in different times. The writings of the Baha’i state that the Maker is an unknowable entity which is really hard to comprehend. According to them, God has provided humanity with divinely-inspired prophets and messengers throughout history who founded the world’s great Faiths and brought ethical, moral and spiritual teachings to aid and enlighten all human beings.

The Bible teaches, and Jesus affirmed, that there is One God. The Bible also says nothing about His revelations of Himself through successive religions. In fact, much of the New Testament warns believers about false Christs, and every thing that would lead Christians astray.

Contrary to what Baha’i teaches, the Bible tells us that God is a personal God and is far from being an unknown entity. The Bible also tells believers to “hold fast” to the truth that was delivered to them.

God, through the Holy Spirit, directs the chosen ones into a knowledge of the Holy Scriptures; and He does that through the Scriptures alone and not on extra writings concerning other religion.

The Bible is the unified and absolute revelation from the Holy God to the elect, from Genesis to Revelation. A solid admonition not to add, or subtract from the Scriptures is given in the Old and New Testaments.

Table of Summary of Bahai and Christianity

Summary of Bahai Verses Christianity

Truly, there are a few pleasing things in the Baha’i faith such as their promotion of love, peace, and even some facets of Christianity. However, there are prominent differences to the Christian faith and Bahai religion. The truth is, one is not a Christian if he or she still abides by the Baha’i religion. If one believes the teachings of Baha’i, then clearly he or she refuses the numerous teachings of the Holy Bible, and of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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  1. I am not trying to be unkind and I thank you for allowing us to leave a comment.
    I am not sure ware the author got the information about what Christians believe based on salvation. and that some people were predestined to be saved and some not. John Calvin taught that, in 1536.
    I can assure you the Bible no ware teaches that. If you read it again what is predestined is the plain on how salvation would come into the world through his crucifixion. Not the people that would be saved it is not Gods will that any should parish but that all would come to repentance.
    I would be more then Happy to speak with any one in your religion about this.

    Matter of fact we could discuss anything feel free to email me with any question you have.

    Jack Price

    all I would ask is you pick the subject and that would be the topic of conversation.

    • Yes, Calvinism could be found all over that article. It is also an incorrect statement that “Christianity is a faith-based religion composed of people who believe that God saves every person because of His mercy upon them”. According to the teachings of Jesus, not all people are saved, but only those who accept Him. There are many passages in the gospel accounts and also found throughout the New Testament that indicate this very subject. To believe that “God saves every person” is called “universal salvation”, which is also contrary even to the incorrect teachings of John Calvin regarding “predestination” and “salvation”.

    • Hi Jack,
      I respect your right to believe as you chose.
      Q: Do you think there is a link between formal schooling and susceptibility to religious convictions ? Your spelling seems to indicate there is. Unless you are not editing your device‘s “auto correct” feature.

    • Thank you Jack. Those comments on predestination disturbed me. In order to believe that one has to discard many other scriptures such as JESUS doesn’t wish that any should perish, or that he died for the whole world.

  2. one can not except the Baha faith and still be a Christian I am sorry to see that you even teach such a thing it is wrong

  3. Alright. I liked the article in general, but parts of it just are so one sided. It seems to be extremely hard for a Christian to except the Baha’i Faith. But it’s actually extremely easy to except the Christian Faith as a Baha’i. Now I ain’t dissing Jesus or nothing but he probably should have wrote things down. No one is in any position to say one manifestation of God is better than another. First off in the zeroth century people took things a little bit too literally. The
    “Resurrection” was real in that Mary lifted everyone from the ground after Christs death. Everyone thought that since Christ was gone that the religion was over but Mary said “No, Christ is in our hearts.” That is truthful. What’s not truthful is that Christ is more “highly positioned” than Baha’u’llah or any other holy manifestation of God just because millions of people still think he rose from the ground. When you create a comparison article you must know your facts from both sides. The Bab (One who first started the Baha’i religion) was shot to death. Baha’u’llah went through in insane amount of torture through terrible prisons and just plain torture. But that’s not the point. The point is that if all manifestations of God are from God. And no one is better than God, then Jesus is no better or worse than any other holy-prophets. Each were sent to lead mankind into the next stage of humanity and each one was fulfilled.

    Please take my note into consideration

    I love Christians and I love Baha’i’s they are both wonderful people

    • The Christian Bible is a book of faith, inspired by the Spirit of God on man’s heart.

    • Jesus is God incarnate, how can he be equal to any man? He is not, he made himself human to save, after that he resurrected and then returned to heaven.
      I can preach, and be persecuted to death but that won’t make me a goddess, I’m just a servant of God. The Bible keeps preaching about Jesus in every single chapter, even in Genesis, Jesus’ sacrifice is addressed and it’s the main point of the hole scripture. Prophets are just servants and followers of Jesus and God.

    • The huge difference is that Jesus who is the Christ,existed with God and the Holy Spirit before time existed.They, to gether as one being,and three separate persons created all humanity.They are the creator not the created.Every prophet was a created being.God so loved the world that he sent his only beloved son to us to be our salvation,to atone for our sins.There was never a time when God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit did not exist.Christanity also has revealed revelations. That God is a Holy Trinity, and that Jesus did come back in the form of the Holy Eucharist, in the blood, body soul and divinity of Jesus Christ.

    • Merritt you are so wrong in so many ways I couldn’t finish reading your thoughts.

  4. Predestination only be foreknowledge 🙂
    Saved ONLY by TOTAL faith ALONE in Christ ALONE — Sola-fide 🙂
    Think Baha will save you then you are rejecting Sola-fide so are not saved 🙁

  5. Bahai’s believe in Jesus Christ. Bahai’s believe that Jesus died on the cross for all of humanity, so that they / we may be saved. It is the end time, now is the time to establish what we’re promised “…on Earth as in heaven.” I love Jesus too much not to address the misinformation in the article.

    • They believe he was just a prophet and that you don’t need a savior that being good will help you progress in the next realm I have listened to firesides for over a year now…..either they all lied or they don’t know what there faith teaches go to
      http://Www.bahai.org look for your self

  6. This article has a few correct statements and a few incorrect statements regarding Christian Beliefs as well as Baha’i Beliefs. There are numerous misrepresentations of Baha’i Teachings and Baha’i Beliefs and there are several statements that just aren’t true. For the sake of a honest and correct portrayal of what Baha’is believe, it is recommended that this author check with multiple Bahai’s (who know better about what their own beliefs are) as to whether the claims being presented are factually true and whether the author is being fair with a correct representation of how they think. The author of the article is guilty of making several assumptions and claims that have missed the point on Baha’i Principles. It is hoped that the motive of the article is to give an objective and fair and honest contrast, but this is not for certain.

  7. One very important principle of the Bahai Faith is not to interpret the word of God for anyone but our own selves and apply it to our lives to the best of our capacity. Whoever wrote this comparison between the Christian And Bahai beliefs is the EXACT reason that an individual does not interpret Gods word as if it was the only understanding for all. Because your understanding is far from my understanding and more then likely Most Christians and Baha’is would agree.

  8. Although the author of this article has some of his facts correct, the he makes no attempt to hide his biases and be objective. If this were written from a scholarly perspective, it would take on an entirely different tone.

    Do the people who manage “The Difference Between” series review these comments? If so, they might do well to look for a more objective author.

  9. As a Bahai, this article is degrading and extremely bias against the Bahai faith while uplifting the Christian faith. You didn’t list differences. You list basically tear down the Bahai faith without listing an actual difference between the two faiths. To people who are NOT aware of the Bahai faith, to really learn the difference between Bahai faith and Christianity just look at bahaiteachings.org It clearly list the difference in the Bahai faith and Christianity by being fair and unbiased. Skip this article. The website is not trying FORCE ANYONE TO CONVERT TO THE BAHAI FAITH BUT SIMPLY INFORM THE DIFFERENCE IN THE BAHAI FAITH VS OTHER RELIGIONS.

  10. Although I appreciate the author’s attempt to compare Baha’i theology with Christian theology, it is so poorly written and biased, it is hard to take seriously. I am both a Unitarian and a Baha’i and there is no conflict for me because both spiritual paths have value. In the Baha’i Faith, the Bible is sacred text just like the Baha’i Writings. Christ is not just a prophet, as the author contends, but a Manifestation of God whose purpose was to bring a new Covenant to the followers of the religion of Abraham which substituted forgiveness and love for death for sinning. The author misses the most significant teaching of the Baha’i Faith which is based on the idea of progressive revelation, that being the fulfillment of the first Covenant that God made to Adam which is that messengers would continuously be sent to guide humankind on our spiritual journey. The social laws change because technology and social relations change, but the Divine Laws remain the same. When the early Christians stopped thinking of themselves as Jews and proclaimed Christianity as a new religion, that was progress. Muhammad brought the Message of Christ to the Arabic people, that was progress over the ancient religions of the tribal leaders. The Baha’i Faith is not in opposition to Christianity, we are responding to the Covenant in the voice that Jesus said would be the hallmark of the next level of spiritual progress: Jesus said He would return, with a new name and that He would be called “the Glory of God”, He said that the prophesies of Elijah and Ezekial would be fulfilled, which established the time when He would return ( 1840 to 1850 AD); that children of Israel will be established in their homeland (not wandering in the desert) and that the Word of the God of Abraham would have spread throughout the world. This is what is meant by progressive revelation, it is not a denial of what happened in other times, it is embracing the guidance that we have been given. There is so much the author does not know, but he should keep seeking. The Baha’i Faith is the path, the light to All That Is (Yaweh). That is why traditional Christians can also embrace the Baha’i Faith when they have “ears that hear and eyes that see”.

    • I interject here as A (emphasis on “A”) prophetic voice of Jesus Christ, of which there are many both today and throughout the ages. I state this to establish my obligation to speak up on behalf of truth, not to impress or persuade, and realizing there is much confusion over the meaning of this term that I don’t have time to address. Those who know the true meaning of a prophetic voice will not flippantly dismiss my input as they should that of the author of this article. The author of this article is a prideful false teacher in the vernacular of the Bible. In biblical times he would have been socially ostracized, if not worse. In medieval times he would have been called a heretic and thoroughly ridiculed for his intellectual dullness (and apparent self-delusion to the contrary), again, if not worse. Today we call him a CNN or MSN fake news propagandist (fraudulently posing as a real “reporter”) as we shake our head in incredulous irritation at the intended insult to our intellegence. An insult that karmically boomerangs right back upon his own head—which he doesn’t even realize (confirming his intellectual laziness/recklessness).

      For those who do not yet understand Jesus’s teachings, suffice it to say the author of this article failed to do his due diligence on the facts so he made them up as he went along. Although that laziness saved him lots of time and the energy for necessary intellectual analysis (he had to get back to his video games?), he performed a great disservice to those who could be mislead about the profound, eternally valuable and epic nature of true Jesus/Bible based Christianity. And that is why true Christians as well as true Baha’i are rightly insulted by the authors demeaning false characterizations of their faiths. Bottom Line: Forget you ever bothered reading this garbage, Read the Bible for the truth.

      Before I go, I want to correct two things: (1) Baha’i adherants, like any other belief system adherant, DO NOT UNDERSTAND Christianity better than the average TRUE spirit-filled follower of Jesus Christ. Otherwise they would find religions of any ilk an intolerable yoke. True “Christianity” is all about a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST, not a religion. (2) Fellow commenter Barbara Mobarak, though dismissive of the article as well, mysteriously felt the need to engage in similar false allegations against Christianity by bizarrely claiming the Bible said Christ would return back in the 1800’s. What? Once again, reckless people making up the so-called “facts” as they stumble along. Again folks, read the Bible for yourself and make up your own mind. Be a rebel and do your own research!

    • I appreciate you teaching us about your Baha’i faith but you as well as the author is also speaking not fully knowing the other religion. The Bible clearly states that we would not know when he is coming but he did give us a clue on what it would be like when he does which is in Revelations if you want to read the whole book. Also there are a lot of meaning from the Bible which people give their kids those names that doesn’t mean they are the next Jesus or prophet. Bible also clearly warns us about false prophets who will come in his name saying they are him and will do signs and wonders but be aware for no one besides the father will know when I am coming back, those are Jesus words himself. Also if Jesus was a Jew why would he have the need to come back as a Persian and get married and have kids? If his second coming goal was to reunite us with him and the father. I will admit I don’t know a lot about Baha’i faith but what I do know is it doesn’t oppose Christianity but it does oppose the main truth about Christianity that Jesus is the ONLY son of God came to died for our sins and rose again and has gone to prepare a way for those who believe in him and he is coming back as we was. Also that Jesus is the ONLY way to God John 14:6, Acts 4:12 (but I am learning from my boyfriend who is a Baha’i and yes we do clash heads sometimes and I do believe that the Lord will open his eyes and his heart to know the truth). You can’t be a Baha’i and believe the Bible because you are then just picking and choosing what you want to believe and disregarding the message and truth of the Bible, and just the same you can’t be a Christian and be a Baha’i because you are disregarding Christ and his truths. Most other religions have come from Christianity disregarding the Whole Bible. You can’t pick and choose what you want to believe and follow either take the Whole Bible for what it is or don’t. IT IS THAT SIMPLE! If you have any questions about Christianity or need clarity on what the Bible says you can ask or reply.

  11. The spirit and the word of god (the holy spirit) will always manifest on earth to help to raise humanity to the the next level.is like a new chapter of a book.
    It will always progresses. The spirit never left us behind since 2000 years ago or even more 1000’s of years ago

    Spirit of god returns in human life time to time and place to place and age to age just to be a new teacher to all according to the time and the mindset of the time just to remind all the same revelation that god had based from the beginning of time is for us to know god, love God and serve god. That was the only truth was addressed to prophet abraham till modern day bahaullah.
    It will be done on earth as it is in heaven. No one is going to come and fix everything for us but with the wisdom of the holy spirit through prophets we have to make it. This our work that god wants us to accomplish
    His vision and will.

  12. Kuike Kagl 10 Sept 2020

    As in regard to the Jesus and Holy Manifestations, the thing they had in common is teaching a set of believe systems to people in different historical time. They seem appear 300 to 1000years apart simply to educate humanity to be more godly. To purifying one inner self to aligned towards God and further from there other dark inner self. This aspect of Holy Prophets teaching seems change less and eternal.

    The changeable aspect of humanity is our adaptation & innovations to bettering our living conditions. We have advanced from stone age to quantum science.
    My Point is where is God’s Hand in all these.

    When can see that there is constance as in regard to the revelations of the religion as we know, from Noah , Abraham, …Jesus, Muhammad & Baha’u’llah. With the birth of each revelation propels human knowledge & civilization to new heights.

    Knowledge has been given in small doses from prep to university. The professor (Holy Prophets) teaching can teach at all levels according to his pupil capacity to absorb.

    It seems like God is guiding and cohersing human over a period of time to our current state of collective evolution.

    Without them where would we be now. Believing in one God and a series of Holy Prophets suits me. My next is to see who will be the next Great One coming.

  13. There is one clear difference….one of these religious leaders conquered death. Just sayin….


    • And Báb didn’t “conquer” death? Witnesses of him not dying after dozen shooters shot at him for his martyrdom.. he was unscathed, so they shot him with dozen rifles again when he was ready.

  14. As a follower of Jesus Christ… when I became a Bahai this had enriched and deepened my love towards Christ. I believe that with guidance from Bahaullahs writings I have become even more acquainted with the teachings of Christ. Bahaullah recognised Jesus as the Son of God. I have no doubt that Bahaullah is a Manifestation of God for this age with additional teachings to help humankind to better live in a more peaceful and harmonious manner.
    Also I have no doubt that Jesus is as relevant today as at any other time.

  15. Your description of Christianity is very defective. What you describe is called Calvinism. Calvinism is the teaching of John Calvin, not the Bible. God did not predestine who would be saved from Hell and who would not. 2 Peter 3:9 KJV: “The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.”

  16. ◄ John 14:6 ►
    Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. This is the only way to heaven period. Jesus was the only perfect spirit of God in a man. The Trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost) are and ever will be Divinity period! So belief in Jesus Christ and that He saved you from your sins and is your personal savior is the only way to an eternity in heaven and those that don’t believe He is your personal savior that saves you from your sins then your doomed to an eternal death being cast into the lake of fire, the pits of hell, a total separation from God, the absence of light, to suffer a eternal plight, tortured for an eternity by the fires of hell and demons! It’s your choice! Let’s hope you make the right one. Your eternity is at stake!

  17. Nicely written! I am a Baha’i and enjoyed reading this comparison. Thanks. Christianity encompasses many different views and beliefs (ie. Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Baptist, Apostolic, Methodist, etc… a lengthy list!). Baha’is really do love and believe in Christ and His claims. We also believe Baha’u’llah and each Manifestation of God was that same spirit. Hence, Baha’u’llah was the return of Christ to renew and re-invigorate the world of humanity at a time when He was much needed. This is why Baha’is believe in the unity of religions, humanity, and God – because the messianic spirit and divine origin are all identical for each religion and Baha’u’llah’s specific mission, to meet humanity’s needs of today, was to unite and bind together the hearts of all people. We live in a wonderful time with even more and complete outpourings of God’s grace to humanity, with equally compelling challenges. The teachings of the Baha’i Faith are amazing, beautiful, rich, and profoundly efficacious. They invite all of us to serve together and empower all of us to make this world a true ‘heaven on earth,’ irrespective of color, class, religion, or creed. The writings and teachings of this Faith are specific and so empowering. One cannot even begin to estimate the power of the Baha’i religion to fulfill every promise made in the previous religions and the beautiful destiny promised in the Bible, the Koran, and the writings of all the diverse religions of our collective history. We do live in a new and exciting era, as can be readily seen.

  18. My question regarding the Bahai faith is this:

    If the strong message is to unite because we are all part of the human race, to have one religion, etc., why create yet another religion?
    Doesn’t creating another “sect” encourage unity or for all?
    Thank you

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