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Kurds vs Persians

Kurds and Persians are two ethnic people that primarily live in the country of Iran. As ethnic groups, they are mostly affiliated with their culture and traditions rather than their religious affiliations. The two ethnic groups belong to the four major ethnic people living in Iran.  The other ethnic groups are Arabs and Turks.

The two terms are descriptions for a person who comes from a certain land. Kurds are known to be someone who lives or is affiliated with Kurdistan or the Kurdish culture. The same is applicable to Persians and their link to Persia (now modern Iran) and the history and culture of their people.

The Kurds live in Iran, but they are considered a minority in the country. Aside from Iran, they also live in the neighboring countries of Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and other countries forming an unofficial settlement called Kurdistan. Meanwhile, the Persians are considered the main people of Iran. They are not confined to the country and can be found in countries from Iran to Afghanistan.

The Persians descended from the Aryan race, the origin of the modern Persian people. The name “Iran” itself is the Persian word for the country. The name was first used in 1935 as a replacement in Persia. In contrast, Kurds one of the indigenous people of the Mesopotamian plains.

The Kurds are mostly ethnic people and do not have any independent religion of their own. On the other hand, Persians have Zoroastrianism as their regional religion.

The two people also speak different languages. The Kurds speak in Kurdish while Persians speak Farsi, the dominant language in Iran. Both the Kurdish and Persian languages are part of the Iranian language, specifically the Western Iranian language.

Both people have a long history as a people. The Kurds are mostly nomads and without a permanent settlement. There is no existing Kurdish nation or state. On the other hand, Persians have a permanent settlement. They have been living in the same land for thousands of years.  An example of this is the Achaemenid Empire that included many countries in its height of power. It was later included in the Macedonian Empire under Alexander the Great.

Kurds are known to have endured repression from other ethnic groups. In contrast, Persians are famous as conquerors and warriors in ancient history.



  1. Both the Persians and the Kurds are two of the major ethnic groups in the country of Iran and in the Middle East. Both have their own unique culture, traditions, and language. Arabs and Turks comprise the other two of the four ethnic groups.
  2. Persians are the dominant ethnic group in Iran and considered its native people. Meanwhile, the Kurds are one of the minority ethnic groups. Persians are known to be descendants of the Aryan people while Kurds are one of the indigenous people of the Mesopotamian plains.
  3. Persians have their own regional religion, Zoroastrianism, aside from the predominant religion of Islam. The Kurds do not have any independent religion, but they are also members of the religions that exist in the Middle East.
  4. Both ethnic groups have their own long histories. However, Kurds have remained nomads most of the time while Persians created settlements, even an empire. Persians are usually concentrated in Iran while the Kurds live in Kurdistan, an unofficial settlement and regarded as a region rather than a country.
  5. Both ethnic groups have their own language, Kurdish and Farsi. Furthermore, both languages are part of the Iranian language and Western Iranian language as a sub-classification.
  6. In comparison, Persians are native Iranians and are considered the more progressive ethnic group compared to the Kurds.


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  1. Hey man , Kurds are not Turks but Kurds are the new aryans just like the persians you informations is not correct .

    • I’m Kurd, and I love my Persian brothers. Kurds are not Turk or Arab. We are not Persian either, but We have same race, culture and similar language with Persians. Iran is nothing without kurds, and believe me, I have never seen any Persian to behave superior to me. Some guys here do not live in Iran, and under some ( not all) wrong news they say some wrong things about Iran. Kurds don’t like the government just like most Persians, so please please let’s separate Iranian people from its government. Iran is consisted of several ethnic groups that are are all Iranian ( except arabs), Persians, Azeries, Kurds, Lurs, Baluchs etc. If there is a bad thing In Iran it is for all Iranians, not only kurds. To make a long story short, I love my country Iran, and In fact, I have to say that I also consider the Kurds of Turkey, Iraq and Syria Iranian because their race is Iranian, their language is Iranian, and also their culture, like Nowruz, is Iranian.

      • Hi, Kurds are as Turk as Whisky is German. It has been the most ridiculous comment I have ever heard. No offence, but brush up on your knowledge on ethnology. Persians and Kurds are ethnologically considered cousins due to numerous similarities in their histories. Turks are simply poles apart. I mean it is absurd to bring up such topics unless you want to make a clown out of yourself.

      • True to that, I completely agree with my bro Sirwan. Iran is the land for Aryans, not just Persians. We live here together with our Kurd brothers. And we all are suffering from our regime it’s not just Kurds that are being treated bad. I cannot imagine Iran without Kurds. And we can no longer call this country Iran without Kurds. We share the same culture, history and we shaped “together” the greatest empire that world have ever seen. and everything started since battle of Chaldoran, when parts of Kurdistan took apart from Iran.

      • True to that, I completely agree with my bro Sirwan. Iran is the land for Aryans, not just Persians. We live here together with our Kurd brothers. And we all are suffering from our regime it’s not just Kurds that are being treated bad. I cannot imagine Iran without Kurds. And we can no longer call this country Iran without Kurds. We share the same culture, history and we shaped “together” the greatest empire that world have ever seen. and everything started since battle of Chaldoran, when parts of Kurdistan took apart from Iran. The ottoman empire got north western parts of Iran and they and arabs have treated them badly since then. Saddam Hussein also killed thousands of innocent Kurdish people who were living in his own country just like what he did to other Iranian people in 8 years of war against Iran.

      • Hi! I’m an Iranian too! Thanks a lot

      • Hi Sirwan, I’m Iranian too,I definitely agree with you.thanks a lot for your beautiful facts

    • I agree with you

    • KURDISTAN, The History of Existence, Resistance, and Liberation by Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan is going on in Kurdistan against the Zionist Jewish leaders conspiracies and the occupation of Kurdistan by Persian traitors from Tamil-India, Arab Islamic terrorist criminal from Africa and Turkish genocides criminal from Mongolia. It is no secret anymore that Jewish leader helped Darius son of Hystaspes and Rhodogune to destroy Median Empire (note: Rhodogune is the mother of Darius, she was the daughter of King Astyages of Medes and Queen Esther of Medes, Queen Esther is Jewish slave girl married king Astyages of Mede). The Zionist Jewish leaders are helping Barzani and Talabani families to divide Kurd and Kurdistan now. But the war is waged on Kurds by Persian, Arabs, and Turks as these lines are written down in May-10-2016 Tampa, FL USA after 40 years in exile.

    • This whole article is wrong, how can kurds come from turks if turks came from mongolia only 1 thousand years ago while kurds have been in our land over 8 thousand years and iranians came from kurds and persians even stole our religion zoroastrian they claim everything to be theres the media is all fake and lies trying hide the kurdish idenity.

      • Persians stole what religion and culture from Kurds? You out of your mind or what…. Persians stole from a small minority compare to them and based their religion and culture on theirs eh lol interesting. That’s why Kurds are like Jews. Still without a land

    • Kurds are not Turds no.

    • I totally agree with your comments as a Zaza person from Turkey. We are all coming from proto-Iranians, the same. We all have the same physical appearance types and of course, there are some differences of Iranian groups like languages, some cultural differences but these are normal things. Iran’s land was ruled by all the ıranian groups. The founder of the Safavid dynasty was a Kurdish man and it is also believed that the ancestors of Kurds, Azeris, Lurs are (so Northwestern Iranians) Medians. After Persians (Achaemenids) improved this culture to an advanced level. Zazas are believed to be descendants of the Sassanid Empire. Iran is our homeland. Don’t let the USA, Russia, etc. to divide it. I want also to say that in a country, all people have to understand each other. So learning Persian and speaking Persian is a must and it shouldn’t be a problem. Learning another Iranian language is very simple when you know one of them and Kurdish and Persian are highly related to each other. In Turkey, the new generation doesn’t know their ancestral languages and it is not easy to learn Kurdish or Zazaki after learning Turkish. What an ignorance that claims Persians are Arians but Kurds are Mesopotamian ??? lol THEY ARE EXACTLY THE SAME PEOPLE AS ALL THE IRANIANS.

      • Zuleikha here. I would like to know, whether Iranians or Kurdish, we are all human beings. No one has a right to ethnic cleanse anyone, you were created by your Creator not those playing God on earth. Qur’aan tell us if you kill one human being it is like you have killed the whole nation. So do we believe in part of the Quraan, as Muslims or Mankind?

  2. Kurds are NOT Turkish. The iranis in the south of Iran have stolen Kurdish history and try to link themselves with Kurds for the most part. Everyone knows the language of the iranis is half Kurdish and half Arab lmfao. In the ancient history, all those times you reading about Persians those were actually Kurdish. Persians are not even an ethnicity. They tried so hard to keep calling Kurds their brothers blah blah. Give me a break. Also every one knows that Zoroaster was born from a yezidi family. it’s not really racial with Kurds tbh. The soranis also have different language but they are accepted by the bahdinis as Kurds. The reason why Persians will never be accepted is because they are crazy and they have some superiority complex. No the Kurds did not decend from Persians, they did not decend from Turks, nor did they decend from Arabs. It’s pretty obvious what happened is the Kurds lived in the North while assyrians in the south. The Arabs came first with Islam. Then the Kurdish empires took form, the different language trees of Kurdish were already there. I am going to guess that the Arabs had some sort of power and that is how the religion of Shia came onto the Persians. Wouldnt that make much more sense? How else will you explain why Persians have half Kurdish and half arabic language. Why Persians are mostly Shia? And why Kurds are in general whiter, blonder and more colored eyes than Persians? Hahaha please. On top of that, the Kurds in Iraq don’t give you the respect to call you Farsi or Persians. We call you arabified Kurds. Jus like the sorani. But we gonna take care of our sorani tribes, but Persians are just too racist and violent. Plus your govt created too many lies in your history books in schools for you to even understand. Give up your racism and realize there is no such pure race. Don’t make yourself superior to Kurds, you are not. Nobody cares about being aryan. Only an Arab would get a superiority complex making himself believe he is somehow special. You can see Kurds are tribalistic. That is how we keep ethnicity while remaining humble and civilized for thousands of years. Though tbh most civilized Kurds don’t care about that either. How many times I’ve heard from iranis the we are brothers, every response from kurds is we don’t kill our brothers. please educate yourself and realize that the Persian ethnicity as you know it today didn’t exist during the time the Persian empires existed, they were Kurdish.

    • I love kurdish people!!! But did they teach you guys this things in school or you acquired them by yourself. Because these are some of the craziest fabrication I have read in my life and I’am not even persian. I don’t even know why I bother leaving a comment here obviously you been mistreated by persians and somehow you are trying to get back at them in this way….

    • Sara, you are now the biggest idiot I’ve ever seen on the internet! Persians are Iranian and Kurds are Iranian. The languages are related, like English and German. Arabic got mixed in with all of our languages because they invaded us, just like how Latin words were mixed into Germanic languages like English after the Romans invaded them and spread Christianity. Kurds and Persians are brothers. You are ignorant! I bet you’re not even Kurdish, you’re probably another Azeri pan-turk spreading anti-Iranian propaganda! You SICKEN me!

      • Hey Sîrwan do NOT give a “Sîr” taste. You seem rather to be a Persian personality / rather a Persian fan / rather a very ignorant uneducated Kurdish personality.

        What Sara’s saying is 99% percent true. Go and read some recent Kurdish history in Iran.

        Go read about Simko Shikak in 1920s,
        Hama Rashid in 1940s,
        read about Mahabad Republic And Qazi Muhammad in 1946s and Kurdish revolt in 1967s and
        recenty lived kurdish Hero Ahmad Moftizadeh

        What happened to all of the? They ALL tortured then savagely killed.

        Is that a brother does to his other brother? Is it okay they ban Kurdish education in Iran?

        Yes Kurdish is a base Language in Indo-European family. I made a research that Kurdish a sole language rather that Persian. We say “bra” for “son” they sey “bradar”. We say “xweh” for sister they say “kwahar” we say “khor” or “tav” for “sun” they say “af-tab” or “khor-shid”. Kurdish is uniqe not even can be comparable with Persian.

        Go and get deal with something pleasing you. But not this subject.

        To the article writer: What wrong with you man. Turkish is an Altaic Language. Kurdish is Indo-Europena language. I mean no relation…

    • I guarantee you that you don’t even know about your own culture never mind Persians , Persians were Sunni until 18th century ,then converted to Shiism, not by Arabs but by Persians , unlike you Kurds that call your daughters names like “alla” us Persians converted to Islam but stayed Persian even before Shiism. At the 600-700 when Persian converted to Islam. Cyrus the great was no Kurd, Sassanian empire were no kurds, Zoroastrianism never came from a Kurd. Nor has anything to do yazadnsim that some of you Kurds still practis . Sorry pal Persians were not based on a Kurd nor came from one. We are called Iran which means land of aryans not anything else. Our language isn’t half Farsi half Arabic either, Syrians were speaking Greek before they got conquered by Arabs, that’s a fact, sorry so your language ain’t got tons of Arabic words in it eh? So does Turkish. So does Farsi! Why ? Because of the holy Quran and the influence of the Arabic language. …Farsi has about 4 thousand borrowed French words, that doesn’t make us French!!! Where is the Kurdish land ? Persians are based on Kurds ok? So where is your main land? Why aren’t Persians scattered all over 4-5 countries, like Syria, turkey and etc….because we are Persians and our land is one country called Iran and we live with our fellow people that call them selves Iranian with different backgrounds like Azaries , Armanians, Kurds and etc . That’s why unlike other countries like Iraq , when a war happens we all stick together and fight under one flag, we don’t separate like what’s going on in Iraq…..please go read some history, I don’t know what your mom and dad are telling you. It’s bs…Persians came from Kurds, wow nuta

    • Hey, I’m Iranian.Iranians aren’t crazy. You are the craziest person I have ever seen in my life. It seems that you are a pan-kurd and a fan of that potty belly Iraqi Kurdish Boss,Barzani. God damn you and him, You poor!

    • The same again spreaded from fascist teocrathic islamic terrorist shah regimes’ fake state. Neither Zoroastrianism nor the settlement and history you stole from us with cooparation of turks and your colonial masters, belong to you.

      Since 10K BC. we’re living on our homeland and we will always be here, all you invaders struggles aside. The history and culture that u’re owning “for now” are only belong to Kurdish nation. Even an idiot can find out what kind of a fraudness you have managed untill now. And people will also be well awared what kind of a moron you are by looking at these lame “persian >>> Kurd” demonstration text. You will never be succeed. Once we got our independence, you will taste the revenge of betrayel at the first place with ur turkish buddies.

  3. you’ve said, ‘ Persians have their own regional religion, Zoroastrianism’. but
    Zoroastrianism is belong to kurds not Persians (fars)s. as, The Prophet Zardasht was from Kurdish nationalist. this case is little complicated, because kurds are a part of ancient Persian Groups, and kurds didn’t got their independence yet as their country Kurdistan was divided into 4 pieces irani Kurdistan,Syrian,Iraq and turkey. Zardasht Archaeology is located in irani kurdistan the city of hamadan. so it looks like Persian religion! but the reality is above.
    on the other hand, KURDS ARE NOT TURKS!!!!. it doesn’t need any brag as white is not black!!!. this is a post of some racist turks whom try to melt down Kurdish nationalist…

    little suggestion for you, be critical thinker and do more researches. then edit your article.

  4. Well you are very wrong. Kurds and Persians are Iranian people their languages are Indo-European and Turkish is Altaic. Kurds were living in Middle-East before Turks came there and Kurds are related with Persians like Irish related with Scottish.

    • yes u said truth
      persian and kurds are iranian give that look at anicent maps
      and relegions in the past before 1400 years ago before muslims invade persian empire .(god damn arabs)
      we haved same country same relegion same culture very similar to persian or iran people more than turks .kurds are iraninan and will back to them

  5. Based on my knowledge Kurds lived in Iran before Turks (Then Turks migrated). One of the primative civilization is related to Kurdish people (Hegmataneh). It seems that as long as Kurds don’t have their own country, they are not truely recognized!

  6. I stopped reading after “… Kurds are of Turkish descent.” Get your facts straight; Kurds are an Iranian people just like Persians.

  7. As much as our language some almost the same. Kurds and iranian are not the same people. When the Assyrian empire ruled the land. There were kurds in the north (Media) and persians in the east (Persia). They fought of the Assyrian empire together. And the first king was a median king (Kurd). he ruled a few years. But got over throned by cyrus (persian). Then the Persian empire began to rise. When the persian were at war whit Greece, the greeks called the Median. Because there were kurd (median) in the persian army. And the persians kept the name after that. Even when the greeks went to attack persia the were harassed by kurdish archers whom they may have thought to be persians. And the Zoroastrian religion who came from east Kurdistan (west Iran) and to whom was a kurd and preached in the kurdish areas first. The Persian had their own religion (Mithra) but the persian says that Zoroastrian is also a persian religion. and as we all know (the winner of a war writes the history) and not the losers.
    The turks came in the middle ages and does not have anything to do whit kurd, iranian or arabs. they took land land from greeks, kurds, armenians and the western part of the persian empire whom belonged to the median (kurds). The turks belong to Mongolia and came after Djingis Khan era.

  8. First of all Kurds aren’t from Turkish origin. They are Iranian as like as Persians, Balochs, Pesthuns, Osets etc. Some part of Persian history stolen from Kurdish history for example Zoroastrianism is Kurdish religion, Medes are Kurds, Gutian people are Kurds, I.Ardeshir is Kurd, Madig is Kurd etc.

  9. Lol, where did you get your information from?!

  10. A Kurdish intellectual who was murdered (199os) by chauvinist Turkish agents whose Musa Anter was telling in his book “Hatıralarım = Memoirs” that “Persian” in Kurdish “Parsek” which means “Beggar”. In ancient times they were like nomad Gypsy coming to our cities/villages and begging from us for something to eat.

    Although Persian is counted as an Hindo-European language it includes a lot of Arabic and Kurdish vocabulary. Kurdish is more ancient than Persian.

    For example “Door” is in Kurdish “Derî” and “Derî” is comes from the word “out-side” “der ve” in Kurdish we can translate it as “(thing) that separates outside”

    Also Brother in Kurdish is “Bra” as it in Persian “Bradar” and originally it might come from the root “Bi-ra” that is “with vein/By vein; with blood-vessel, by blood vessel. So we can expand/translate it as “Who comes from same vein/blood vessel. And the nearest meaing in Kurdish for “-ther” and “-der” in “Brother”, “Brader” is the Kurdish word “Der” which means “outside”. So it is impossible that Kurds have just dropped it from usage as Persians uses it. Because it is already in use by Kurds as the meaning “out-side”. Here some Kurdish and Persian words for your comparison:

    Bab, bav* —Padar* —Father —Bab = باب —Vater
    Dê, Mak —Madar —Mother —Daye = دايه — Mutter
    Bra —Bradar* —Brother —Bira = برا — Bruder
    Xweh —Khwahar —Sister —Xwişk= خوشك —Schwester
    Dot, Keç —Dokhtar*—Daugther—Kiç = کچ — Tochter
    Mam, Ap—Amoo, Mam—Paternal uncle—Mam = مام —Onkel
    Dotmam —Dokhtar-amoo—Uncle’s daughter—Kiçî mam = کچ مام Onkel Tochter

    Kurt, Kin — Kutah — Short — Kurt = كورت — kurz
    Qic, Hur —Kuchak* —Small —Çûk = ‫چووک klein

    Kur, Pis — Pesar — Son — Kur = كور مام — Sohn
    Pismam —Pesar Amoo—Cousin — Kurî mam = كور —Sohn des Onkels

    Mêr — Mard* — Man — Pyaw= پـيــاو — Mann
    Dlop — Raha Kardan Drop — Dlop = ‫دلوپ Tropfen
    Hêk — Tokhm-margh*— EggTow = ‫تۆو‬ , Helka = هيلكه — Ei, egg

    Stêr — Satara — Star — Astera = — ‫ئستره Stern
    Anîn— Awurdan — Bring — Hawir = ‫هاور bringen‬
    Grîn — Beriistan — Cry — Grî = ‫گری‬ Weinen, Schrei
    Nû — Taza, Jadid(Arabic)* — New — Nwê = ‫نـوێ neu‬
    Çav — Chashm* — Eye — Çaw = ‫چاو Auge‬
    Tlî, Pêçî—Angusht — Finger — Pil = پل , Panca= پــهنجــه Finger‬
    Agir — Atash* — Fire — Agir = ‫ئاگر Feuer‬
    Birçî — Gorosna(gi) — Hungry — Birsî = ‫بـرسى Begierig‬, hungrig
    Kenîn — Khandidan — Laugh — Kenîn = ‫کـه نـين Lachen‬
    Ba — Bad — Wind — Ba = با Blähung, Wind
    Baran— Baran — Rain — Baran = باران regnen
    Bahoz — Tufan shada* —Tempest — Boran* = بوران Sturm
    Brûsk — Barq (Arabic) — Lightning — Trişka = ترشقه Blitz
    Mê — Zanana — Feminine Mê =مى feminin
    Nêr — Mardana* — Masculine Nêr = نير maskulin
    Jîn — Zandagi — Life — Jîn = ‫ژ‬ين Leben
    Dev — Dahan — Mouth — Dam = ‫ده م‬ Mund

    *The words borrowed by Turks.


  11. Helloooo. Where is my article?

  12. Helooo. Any human being there?

  13. Kurdish language is in the same family with Persian and that’s for sure that Kurdish culture is closer to Persians. Also Persians, Kurds, Arabs in Levant or even Armenians have very similar cultures.

  14. Kurds and persians live in Iranian peninsula for thousands of years. Kurds are Medes ethnic group who used to live alongside persians and both are Iranian. Achemenid empire constituted both of these ethnic groups. In fact, Cyrus the great’s father was a Persian and her mother was Medes(Kurd).

  15. Just like Ali I stopped reading after “… Kurds are of Turkish descent.” We are all HUMAN. And we should not be racist. BUT Its a lie. KURDS are IRANIAN people and have been living alongside PERSIANS for thousands of years just like brothers. AND real PERSIANS And real KURDS die for each other. Turks are also great people. we are all human. and that matters. BUT kurds are never TURKDS.

  16. Hey guys let me tell you the TRUTH. I’m Persian, and I die for my dear Kurd friends. F..k the government. Kurds are Iranian just like Persians and Lurs and Baluchs and Gilaks and Azeries. Iranians are different from Turks and Arabs ( I respect them, and I don’t mean to offend them).

  17. Hey , kurds in origin are yezdanism but persian are shia muslims , kurds are not aryan iran or turan turkish , and persian never had a state while kurds had vassals and small kingdoms

  18. As a Persian speaking Iranian , I love Kurdish speaking people & language / culture wise I can relay to Kurdish so much more than Turkish& Arabic , there are so many similarities between Persian& Kurdish words & culture , if Kurdish people were from Turkish descent, Turkish government wouldn’t have killed so many of them & instead would’ve helped them , Turkish language& culture have nothing to do with Kurdish people , via Kurdistan, viva Iran ….

  19. Lol stop this bullshit!! Kurds are not turks.. Not Arabs.. Not Persians.. But kinda cousin with Persian.. Turks are Mongolian descents. And Kurds have nothing in comment with Turks! Whoever wrote this bullshit , it must be changed immediately..

  20. So to be honest I haven’t read any further than kurds are from turkish descent.Kurds are Iranian wich means that they are Aryan people.I don’t mean to harm any Turks and as you can tell by my name AZADEREN(azad=free(kurdish)and eren=the arriven(turkish))that I am not full Kurd.My father is a Kurd and my Mother a Turk but the mainly thing I wanted to tell is that you should research more a little bit.

  21. This has a lot of missing info.
    Kurds are not from mesopatamia.
    Also you said Kurds, Arabs, Persians and Turks are the people in that region. That is not accurate. You forgot to mention the Turkic people. Not Turk but Turkic who are originally from mongolia and are the uzbekistan, kazakhstan, turkmenistan, turkey, azherbhaijan, tartars, kyrgistan etc….
    Kurds did not come from turks. They are indo-aryan race like tajiks, pashtuns, persians, afghan-dari, baluch, yazidi people etc. All their languages are similar.
    Kurdish are close to the iranian persians but they are more nomadic and not as strongly organized for centuries like persians. But they share similar language and bloodline. so many yrs ago both these groups fought and thats why persians and kurds are not as close as should be. iranian persians are shiahs and kurds are mostly sunni and kurds are also close to the yazidi people.

  22. Kurds and Turks are diff races man. Turks are turkic and mongolian but kurds are indoaryan persians people. no doubt in that. they are like nomadic persian natives of the region they inhabit. turkic people migrated and invaded the kurds and the lands that were mostly persian land

  23. you are wrong. kurds an Aryan group

  24. Kurds are more ancient than turks persian arabs we have our own religion ezedi our history go back to 6000 bc

  25. What you said is not correct ,Russian historian and linguist Vladimir Minorsky suggested that the Medes, who widely inhabited the land where currently the Kurds form a majority, might have been forefathers of the modern Kurds. He also states that the Medes who invaded the region in the eighth century BC, linguistically resembled the Kurds.
    What you wrote is kind of racism

  26. Kurds are one of modern Iranic groups, unlike Persians. I think you’re Persian off-shot tribes who used Kurd as your identity. For example, Tajiks are Central Asian Persians or Persianized Iranics, but they don’t deny their Persian origin. Kurds do. Are you related to Achaemenid and Sassanid Persians? Because your Kurdish region was their stronghold. Or you’re Median/Parthian leftovers?

  27. Seriously…typical Persian…ah yes they exist but the Persians are the Aryans…hell…this is big nonsense …and it is really pissing me off your racism…the KurManc people are the Mads/Medes who had to build the first Iranic Empire ever around 2000 before our time – the Mitanni Empire. And later they build up the Median Empire…Persians took over Medes land, their history, forbid that Nordiranic KurManc/Medes descendants language is being taught in a public school in their lands..etc…we KurManc people the descendants of the Mads/Medes are not ashamed of our history and we are not below you…biro or shall I call you Kain?

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