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Kurds vs Turks

Kurds and Turks are people belonging to two different cultures; they speak different languages, and their population is distributed differently in various parts of the world. People become confused between them because many Kurds live in Turkey.


“Kurds,” also referred to as Kurdish people, speak the language Kurdish. Kurds speak two or more languages and are multilingual people. They know and speak the language of the nation they live in like Turkish, Persian, or Arabic and Kurdish. It has been seen that Kurdish people inhabiting in the diasporas community are well versed with three or more languages. Kurdish Jews and Kurdish Christians are fluent in Aramaic too.

The Middle East is the native land of the Kurds. The Iranian population includes the Kurdish people. In general, they belong to the Kurdistan region. This region includes portions of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. Thirty-four million Kurds are believed to live in various regions of the world. The majority of Kurds have been observed to live in countries like Georgia, the Middle East, Russia, Azerbaijan, Israel, United States, Lebanon, and other European countries. In the Middle East, the Kurds are the fourth largest ethnic community. The communities which supersede them are Arabs, Turks, and Persians.

Kurds are mostly Sunni Muslims. Some minority Kurds are Shia Muslim also like Kurds living in the Kermanshah province and in Iran the llam region. Some other examples of Kurds are Shia Muslims and Fayli Kurds in Central and Southeastern Iraq, Alevis Kurds living in Turkey, Sivas, and Tunceli.

Kurdish culture is indigenous or Hurrian. It has Islamic roots and is a mixture of an Iranian ancient culture. Unlike many Muslim cultures, the Kurdish women participate in activities with mixed genders and keep their faces uncovered.


Turks are Turkish people. They speak Turkish. Turks are also an old ethnic group who live mainly in Turkey. Other areas where Turks live in minorities are: Algeria, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Cyprus ,Egypt, Georgia, Greece, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Kosovo, Libya, Romania, Republic of Macedonia, Syria, and Yemen. These parts are considered the lands of the Ottoman Empire. The Turkish diaspora community also lives in countries like Germany, U.K., France, Austria, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Middle East, etc.

Islam is the main religion followed in Turkey, but The Turkish constitution does not recognize any official religion. The Turkish language is a subdivision of the ancient Oghuz language.


  1. Turks or Turkish people are people living in Turkey; they can be people from different cultures, religions, and of different ethnicities. Kurds are one of the ethnic groups of people living in Turkey and many other parts of the world.
  2. Turks speak Turkish; Kurds speak two or more languages and are multilingual people. They know and speak the language of the nation they live in like Turkish, Persian, Arabic, and Kurdish.
  3. Kurds are mostly Sunni Muslims, some minorities are Shia Muslims too; Turks are mainly Muslims but the country is a Secular State.

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  1. this article was a kind of strange!!!!! you have to know that Turkish language is not only Anaotoli Turkish. in this article you named country that speak with anatoli turkish. there are a great dynasty of Turkish language and also TURKS in these countris: Azarbayjan, Turkmenistan , Uzbekistan , Kazakhistan , Kyrgizistan,…….
    there is another thing to say: you have to know that 35% of Iranian are TURKS. they inhabit in Ardabil, West Azerbayjan ,East Azearbaijan , Zanjan, Hamadan, Gazvin.

    • KURDISTAN, The History of Existence, Resistance, and Liberation by Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan is going on in Kurdistan against the Zionist Jewish leaders conspiracies and the occupation of Kurdistan by Persian traitors from Tamil-India, Arab Islamic terrorist criminal from Africa and Turkish genocides criminal from Mongolia. It is no secret anymore that Jewish leader helped Darius son of Hystaspes and Rhodogune to destroy Median Empire (note: Rhodogune is the mother of Darius, she was the daughter of King Astyages of Medes and Queen Esther of Medes, Queen Esther is Jewish slave girl married king Astyages of Mede). The Zionist Jewish leaders are helping Barzani and Talabani families to divide Kurd and Kurdistan now. But the war is waged on Kurds by Persian, Arabs, and Turks as these lines are written down in May-10-2016 Tampa, FL USA after 40 years in exile.

      • You are massacred by especially Turks then arabs, you blame Jews who face the same enemies

      • I’ve been wondering for a long time why the Middle East is such a mess. As your comment shows, it’s because it lives in a distant past, complete with grudges, hatreds, resentments of the past. Further, as evidenced in your comment, they LIKE it that way: the angrier the better.
        Pretty sad stuff.

        • I was thinking exactly the same thing, Chester Field. Why can’t people move on? Why do they live in the last mistakes of the ancient world? There will never be peace until people get their PTSD and history and religion in some kind of order. First, we are all humans. But somewhere along the line, animals are dominating. Which does not say much for the IQ of the people who are supposed to be leaders.

          Choose your leader more wisely!
          Try NOT to choose an animal …especially one with a low IQ!

    • We keep repeating the same old fantasy. I guess the latest DNA studies showing the Anatolian Turks to be acculturated Armenians is of no importance. Even those “green fezes” who claim descent from Osmanli lines, have no more than 10% Turkic genes.
      And as for the so called South Azerbaijan, again, DNA results show them to be ethnic Persians. Yes they speak Turkish, a language imposed on them hundreds of years ago, so long ago that they forgot their true ethnic roots. Azerbaijan and Turkey promote this line of thought, and are successful only due to Irans beningn neglect of their national interests.

  2. This article doesn’t reflect the truth at all, many kurdish people in turkey are uneducated and they dont speak turkish. And since when raping, killing their women cause they wanna get divorced or killing a girl cause she was a rape victim and not virgin anymore became a culture?

    • This is an essence of a culture that needs to be derooted. Very nice to point this out.

    • Blablablabla , well what you described actually were creation of your little racist brain, since when you by Mongolian culture of rape and killing accusing the other nations for your own labels, I’m sure you are one of those who vote for grey wolfs in Turkey and howl like your ancestors, what about people type dead body kurdish civilian pulled by Turkish police car on Google than they see how civilised you are, or picture of Turkish solders with Christian chopped heads, or type Dêrsim massacre, or type what grey wolfs believe in! Than they will understand your great culture of stealing and killings

  3. I really wonder who made the research and in how long does the research took , because it is a very limited point of view ….

  4. Kurds are mostly in Shafi sect of Sunni Islam whilst most of Turks are adopted Khanefi sect of Sunni Islam. There are also different communities among to Kurds that some of them are Ezidi, Shia, Alevi or even Jew. Turks of Turkey have also Shia and Alevi minorities as well. Among to Turkic people, there are Shamans (Atlay Republic), Christians (Gagauzia), Shias (Azerbaijan) or even Jews (Karaims) as well.

  5. Thirty five million Kurds live scattered all over the world, but the majority live on their native soil which has been decided by the four superpowers in the region; Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. The one exception to this scenario, is the recent occupation of Eastern Anatolia which were traditional Armenian lands. Having helped the Turks commit Genocide against the Armenians and other Christian minorities, and thus were rewarded with their land and belongings.
    And so a large Kurdish minority resides in Armenia of today.
    In all those countries, except Armenia, the Kurdish identity is severely suppressed. There is an ongoing genocide being perpetrated against the Kurds in Eastern Turkey. Their leader Ocalan, betrayed by the US and Israel, languishes in a Turkish prison under death sentence. In Armenia, for the last 100 years, the Kurdish minority enjoys full religious, cultural, linguistic and equal civil rights. Hundred year old newspapers in Kurdish, Kurdish language schools, Radio programming by Kurds, etc. And for that reason, and because every Kurdish organization has repeatedly acknowledged the Kurdish role in the Armenian, Assyrian, Yeziddy and Greek genocides and expressed repentance, relations between Armenians and Kurds are exceptionally cordial. This should serve as an example of Christian Muslim rapport. In a world where Iran is at odds with all its Muslim neighbors, Armenia and Iran have the best possible relationship. Mutual trust, respect for each others culture, religion, have paid off. Something to ponder.

    • Well here we go again another pan Persian here, thanks God history sources are access able, you tried hard to mix your lies with some truth, would you explain if the land was for only Armenians wtf the zorastarian signs were doing in derin koyo for example, or this massive pupiolation of kurds that you claim were rewarded for their cooperation in murdering Armenians, where they came from? Or who was shyik saeed piran that saved almost thousands of Alavi kurds and Armenians from genocides? It’s to dirty what you trying to do.

    • Excellent and well thought out. I really like the way you put this thought together.

      If your really look at all of these problems all I see is how the British have continued to divide and conquer our people, lands and natural resources. Every problem in that region points directly to their plans of inciting chaos and divisions amongst our people. All for oil.

  6. The great challenge is to recognize, understand and accomodate the intracies of various ancient tribal cultures and treat everyone with courtesy.

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