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  1. person
    February 14, 2011

    HELP!! ….i dont know what to do! every corner i go to theres differnet thoughts about btec!
    someone tell me hoestly what is better…im 13 and choosing my gcses soon and i need need need help im so confused!!! btec or gcse?
    i dont like writting alot and have dreams to work for a buisness when im older ,
    please help!
    you will make a confuzed girls life easier!


    • anon
      March 4, 2011

      btec’s are mainly for people that don’t perform as well in exams, that’s why they are marked through the coursework you do. If you don’t feel particularly confident in doing the exams that a gcse would entail, take btec’s. However, you’ll have to do a fair amount of writing in both of them, so you don’t get out of that, i’m afraid 😛

      I would say the best thing to do is to take a mix, with both btec’s and gcse’s depending on which subjects your taking. Also, ask your teachers which they think is more suited to your learning style, and which one you would perform better in.

      Hope this helps, and good luck picking your options 🙂


    • Beckram
      March 9, 2011

      DONT DO BTEC, colleges dont acept btec in their minimum requirements when doing A-levels, so dont do btec its a waste


      • Tanisha
        January 13, 2015

        yes, they do accept BTEC, one btec is work a GCSE, so they do look at it. btec’s are for the people who don’t d ell in exams ad rather take it step by step than take who whole load in at once and when you go to get a job, they look at GCSE as well as A-levels, although they make focus more on your slevels they still take a ook at your GCSE to see how well ou did an what subjects you choose.


  2. Zubair
    April 7, 2016

    What’s the different between Btec and GSCE


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