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Crips was a gang formed in Los Angeles, USA in the late sixties and early seventies. Bloods was mainly a gang formed by smaller street gangs coming together to counter the growing influence of the Crips. The main gang that formed the Bloods was Piru Street Boys.

Raymond Washington formed a gang by the name Baby Avenues or Avenue Cribs signifying the young age of the members of the gang. The gang initially propagated the philosophy that it wanted to protect its neighborhood from outsiders but this claim soon faded away and the gang was openly involved in various criminal activities including robbery, murders, drug dealings, etc. Raymond Washington united his gang with that of Stanley Williams from the east and west side of Los Angles to form an alliance to protect their areas of influence. Washington disliked guns and preferred to settle all differences by hand to hand fights. However, as more and more local gangs joined in and made Crips one of the largest associations of street gangs, his influence diminished till finally he was shot dead in 1979. The gang members were primarily African Americans and had a particular affinity for blue color in their dressing.

The Crips began to target other gangs as they grew in size. It was in this time that some of the non-Crip gangs got together to form an alliance. The main among them were the Pirus or the Piru Street Boys. The gang formed out of this alliance came to be known as Bloods. The members of the Bloods have a particular affinity for the color red in the clothing to identify themselves. The smaller gangs associated with the alliance began to be known as sets. The influence spread across the United States in a few years. The sets on the eastern coast became associated with United Bloods Nation or UBN and this too soon came to be known as only Bloods.

1. Crips was formed in 1969 by Raymond Washington and Stanley Williams deciding to join their gangs. Bloods was formed with rival gangs coming together to counter the rise of Crips with the main being Piru Street Boys.
2. Crip gang members associate with the color blue in their dresses while the Bloods associate with the color red.
3. The rivalry of these gangs started out over control of the neighborhoods initially but now is more to gain control over the criminal and illegal activities.

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  1. actually the piru’s were formed to go against the crips but one thing that is not in here is that the original piru’s(bloods) were in fact crips that rebelled against the gang.

  2. weirdddd what where they fighting over???

  3. why have people changed our world to a MESS … they should be a shamed of their self GOD made this world for it to be good and people want to mess it up with STUPID stuff with dumb colors.. in the rainbow red and blue are close by.. SHAME

  4. so who would win in fight………

  5. this aint fake shit its real

  6. Crip gang I’m all with them crips♿️

  7. Maybe they will both kill each other off

  8. The reason why they went from throwing hands to guns is cause they can’t fight and they get all sensitive in their feelings and pick up a gun. Cowards

  9. God is real, im a christian

  10. The roots and rivalry of these two gangs stem from the days of slavery. The “house negro” versus the “field negro.” Darker skinned blacks worked on the fields, crips, while the light-skinned blacks, bloods, were chosen to work in the house as maids and cooks. It’s sad to see and hear about the seemingly senseless deaths brought on by these rivalries, in light of all the struggles, sacrifices, and lives that have been lost in the quest for equality.
    The struggle is ongoing. Equality has yet to be reached. People of color, all colors, need to unite and fight the power and not allow the dreams of those who have given their lives for the benefits we receive today falter.

    • I Call B.S.! It’s criminals engaging in criminal activity, there is no rational justification for it except greed and the quest for power at the expense of our own people. Nothing noble whatsoever.

  11. White folks love both the Crips and the Bloods…. Black folks killing other black folks. DUMB ASSES!!

  12. So when I tripped on shrooms it made me have a revelation that God is real….and we all have god in us….which means a divine something is something and so yea….I know one thing for sure….we are all supposed to love each other because we are all connected to one divine and so yea….that’s not because god is t real….whatever we all have the right to our own opinions but j wanted to share….trip on shrooms and you’ll see that life is a big illusion ….we must have a role in the world that isn’t a real hard thing it’s called the role of loving thy neighbor….duuuuh

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