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Difference Between the Twilight Book and Movie

twilight_bookTwilight Book vs Movie

There are inevitable changes when a book moves onto the big screen. When the book is a cult phenomenon like Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight, die-hard fans are sure to talk about the differences between the book and the movie for weeks and months to come. In this case it might even stretch into years as Twilight is the first in a four book series and the other three films are rumored to be coming soon to a theater near you.

The meat of the book is still found in the movie. The plot is a vampire romance and centers around the love story of the mortal Bella and immortal Edward. It takes place in rainy Forks, Washington. The paradigms set up by Meyer remain intact: vampires can go vegetarian by only drinking the blood of animals, they sparkle in the sun rather than burn, and they are preternaturally strong and fast. From there, depending on which fan you talk to, things either go downhill or uphill fast.

Positive Views of the Movie
The mood of the Bella’s original home in Phoenix and her new home in Forks created a great contrast with which to start out the movie. It eliminated the need for extensive narration.
The characters, baring Jasper, were extremely well cast and again instantly created a visual that took pages to describe in the book.
There was more tension in the near-mugging scene with the use of hand-held camera filming techniques.
The baseball game was more astounding and fun without pages of description to slow down the fast movements of the Cullens.

Negative Views of the Movie
The character of Bella, who we primarily meet through first person narration in the book, comes across as moody and introverted in the movie whereas she is strong and stubborn in the book. The nod to the first person narrative with a few voiceovers didn’t help matters.
The first kiss between Bella and Edward was changed from the front door the bedroom in the movie. It downplayed Edward’s monumental battle of wanting to be with the woman he loved while at the same time not wanting to risk hurting her.
In the interest of time, Bella was left alone when James was tracking her. In the book she had to go to elaborate measures to escape her captors and reach the ballet studio.
The special effects of superfast movement and fighting where over the top and didn’t fit with the fluid descriptions they were given in the book.

1.Both the book and movie of Twilight remained true to the basic ideas of creator Stephenie Meyer.
2.The movie moved faster than the book because the great casting and stunning visuals eliminated a hundred pages of description found in the novel.
3.The changes that were made in the movie to make it more cinematic, such as special effects and romantic moments generally took the viewer out of the story.

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  1. They are exactly the same ! Im the biggest twilight fan & love it !

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