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The Joker and the Riddler are two well-known comic characters as well as enemies of the comic book hero Batman. These two super villians appeared in the comic book series, Batman, which is published by DC Comics.

Between the two villains, the Riddler is the one with a real or identified name. His true name is Edward Nigma (or Nygma). There is a character background on the Riddler stemming from his childhood to his life of crime. Meanwhile, the Joker’s name and background is still a mystery. However, he has been awarded many monikers like “The Clown Prince of Chaos or Crime,” “The Harlequin of Hate” and the “Ace of Knaves.”

In terms of appearance, the Joker appears as a clown with green hair, white skin, red mouth, purple outfit, with no mask. The Riddler, however, sports a mask and chooses a green ensemble with a question mark motif. He even carries a question mark as a gold staff.

As villains, the Riddler is non-violent and uses puzzles, riddles, and clues. He is an extremely intelligent villain and usually challenges other people’s intellect. He often uses his enemies as pawns in the game. The Riddler usually works by himself or by a limited number of henchmen. He has an over-compulsive disorder, and his fetish is to be baffled by his enemies or pawns. His kills are always planned. He is described as a narcissist with a big ego. Even with his character, he fears death.

In complete contrast, the Joker is a psychopathic killer. This villain uses any form of violence and has the compulsion to kill without mercy. He also has no fear. He often messes with people’s heads. His fetish is sadomasochism, and his actions are often directed at Batman. He has a couple of henchmen in his criminal activities.
In terms of dealing with Batman, the Joker often challenges Batman’s character and morals while the Riddler tests the hero’s intellect.

Another distinction between the two is that the Joker is both capable of physical and mental pain while the Riddler often participates in the cerebral type of matches. The Riddler uses wit and intelligence while the Joker uses an assortment of weapons like a flower lapel that sprays substances, a gun, a high-voltage hand buzzer, and his trademark Joker venom.
The Joker also shares a unique relationship with Batman having victimized some of Batman’s acquaintances and associates. His crimes are often of a vengeful sort since his current state was a result of fleeing from Batman.

While the Riddler has a recurring OCD, the Joker is recognizable in his constant maniacal laughter.
Both characters have their own appeal and unique characteristics.


1.The Joker and the Riddler are two character villains form the comic book Batman. As villains, they encountered Batman, the hero, many times during their criminal acts.
2.There are many distinctions between two villains. The Joker has no official name and history but with many monikers. In contrast, the Riddler is identified as Edward Nigma (or Nygma) with a proposed character history.
3.Both also differ in appearance. The Joker appears with as a clown with green hair, red lips, white skin, no mask, and purple clothes. The Riddler opts for green clothing, a mask, and a penchant for question mark motifs. He has seen been changing his style of costume.
4.The Riddler uses his extreme intelligence and wit to use his enemies as pawns while the Joker uses both wit and physical violence. The Riddler is characterized as non-violent and plans his kills in opposition to the Joker’s compulsive killing without fear or mercy. The Joker’s pleasure is derived from causing pain while the Riddler ‘s pleasure is having mental superiority.
5.In terms of Batman, the Riddler challenges his intellect while the Joker preys on Batman’s character and morals. Batman and Joker also share a unique relationship.
6.The Joker is known as the primary arch-nemesis of Batman while the Riddler is just one of his lesser villains.

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