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Difference Between the Elite and Superman

Among the characters who play the lead roles in the Superman Vs. The Elite animated movie are Superman and The Elite group of heroes-cum-villains. Facing the biggest military war and a bioweapon at hand, the Superman and the team known as the Elite act as the main enemies of the Atomic Skull who kills multiple people in order to flush Superman out.

Even after joining hands to fight the Atomic Skull, the two can’t keep their trust on each other. Superman has his doubts on the Elite and challenges their way of operating. The cold war between them creates a division, and they eventually have a feud which leads to a war between them.

The animated characters have become most fans’ points of focus. With the divided attention and equal love, there arises the need to separate the two and draw the thin line that makes them different.


Who Are The Elites?

The Elite is a team that comprises several super-powered heroes-cum-antiheroes who appear in DC Comics, the American comic books that feature Superman and The Justice League. Their first appearance was in the comic story “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice & the American Way?” The story was published in March 2011 in Action Comics #775, an American Comics book/magazine and then made into the superhero film, Superman vs. The Elite.


Who is Superman?

Superman is a fictional and superhero character that appears in DC Comics comical books. The character was created by the duo Jerry Siegel (a writer) and Joe Shuster (an artist) and first appeared in Action Comics #1 on 18th April 1938.

The character is a regular in DC Comics comic books and films. It’s a character that has also been adapted in television shows, video games, movies, radio shows, and newspaper strips.

Born on planet Krypton as Kal-El, Superman came to planet Earth using a small spaceship. He was sent by his father Jor-El, a scientist to seek a safer ground for himself before their planet was destroyed through a natural cataclysm. 

After his ship landed in an American countryside, he was found by farmers Jonathan and Martha Kent who adopted him and changed his name to Clark Kent. It was after he started exhibiting supernatural abilities and strength that his foster parents advised him to use his abilities to help save humanity. It was then that he started to fight crime as a vigilante and adopted the alias “Superman” to hide his identity.


Similarities Between The Elite and Superman

Bother The Elite and Superman are superhero characters. They also appear in DC Comics books and films and are both published by DC Comics.


Difference Between The Elite and Superman

The striking differences between The Elite superheroes and Superman are as expounded below:

  1. Creators of The Elite Vs. Superman

The Elite group was created by Joe Kelly and Dough Mahnke while Superman was created by a writer, Jerry Siegel and an artist, Joe Shuster.

  1. First Appearance of The Elite Vs. Superman

The Elite first appeared Action Comics #775 in March 2001 while Superman first appeared in Action Comics #1 in April 1938.

  1. Composition

The Elite is composed of several characters with the major ones being Coldcast, Manchester Black, The Hat, and Menagerie while Superman is a one-army character with the name “Superman” itself.

  1. Operations

All of Superman’s operations abide by the laws of the land and seek to weed out the enemy while protecting the civilians. This is seen by his actions of bringing the enemies he’s hunting to justice, and they end up in jails rather than killing them. The Elites, on the other hand, do not abide by any law which causes destruction to property and loss of innocent life as they try to weed out the common enemy. The Elites believe in death as the perfect punishment for rogue elements in the society.

  1. Powers and Abilities

Superman’s abilities are:

  • Superhuman strength, longevity, durability, and speed.
  • Flight
  • Superhuman breath (wind and freeze breath)
  • Superhuman vision (microscopic vision, heat vision, telescopic vision, electromagnetic spectrum vision, X-ray vision, and infrared vision)

The Elite’s abilities:

  • Manchester Black – telekinetic vigilante
  • Vera Black – psionic cyborg
  • Coldcast – manipulating magnetism and physical longevity and strength.
  • The Hat – ability to breathe fire and measure of invulnerability.

The Elites Vs. Superman: Comparison Table


Summary of Elite vs. Superman 

Both The Elite and Superman are superhero characters that appear in the same DC Comics film. They are both fighting for the good at the initial stage (The Elite goes rogue) and seek to salvage what is left of the human race after a common enemy, the Atomic Skull becomes unruly even though they end up fighting against each other. Despite sharing the same platform, the two have identifying differences. While The Elite is a group of different characters, Superman is a one-person army. They also have other traits that are specific to each and help draw the differences between them.


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