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Difference Between Face Oil and Serum

When should I apply face oil and when should I use a serum? Is there any difference between the two or their impacts on the areas applied? These are questions everyone might ask if they are presented with the two and cannot tell the difference between face oil and serum.

The questions are legitimate since face oil and serum may seem similar to most people. Even though they can also be layered to work together, they are outrightly dissimilar. The only way out of the confusion is getting the fundamental differences between them.


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What is Face Oil?

Face oil is a substance composed of either a single oil or a combination of several oils as well as oil soluble actives. Facial oils are basically heavier compared to water-based serums and may also take a bit more to absorb. With the different combinations used to make face oils, the user can manage to maintain their skin’s elasticity and hydration while also boosting the skin’s natural defenses.

Facial oils have bigger molecules than serums. They also contain over 200 molecules that boost the hydration process when applied to the skin. When the skin starts to feel a little bit more patched, it’s thirst can be quenched by facial oils.


What is A Serum?

A serum is a substance typically developed from high concentrations of various water-soluble actives in different water-based substances. Simply put, it is a water-based skincare substance comprised of smaller molecules that can quickly and deeply penetrate the skin through its pores.

The primary role of a serum is to target skincare specific concerns thanks to its antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients. The three in return are responsible for adding deep hydration, slowing the formation of wrinkles and lines, while also brightening the complexion of the skin. Also, for anyone looking for some instant skin boost or to slow aging signs, then a serum may be a better option.


Difference Between Face Oil and Serum

The major variances between the two skin treatment substances include:

Composition of Face Oil Vs. Serum

Serum is a skin treatment substance made of water-based actives while face oils are, as the name suggests, substances made from oils and oil-soluble actives.

Molecular Size of Face Oils Vs. Serums

Another significant difference between face oil and serum is on the size of the molecules. Water-based products usually have smaller molecules which is the same case with serum. Face oils, on the other hand, have more significant molecule concentration.

Face Oil Vs. Serum: Comparison Table


Summary of Face Oil Vs. Serum

Face oils and serum substances are both manufactured for facial treatment, nourishment, and hydration. While they are different in terms of their composition and molecule sizes, the two may be used for almost the same purposes. However, each has specific roles depending on its composition even though they can be used in place of each other. They can also be used together for the same purposes.


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