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Difference Between Face Primer and Eye Primer

When you want to transform your cheeks and the T-zone into much more smoother ones, you probably know what to use while some do not. In such a case, you are looking for something to make your T-zone and cheeks look pore-less and less oily in addition to improving their smoothness. The products that you use in that case are the silicone-based primers.

The silicone products help by filling the lines and pores on your skin. By doing this, they blur them and also act as barriers between your skin and your makeup. The product used for such is a face primer.

As for the eye primer, it’s intended to offer a coating for your eyelids in a more solid way. Eye primers have ingredients that serve as adhesives to the shimmer and pigments in your eye-shadow. When the primer sets, it prevents the eyeshadow from creasing and moving around.

That is the basic difference between a face and eye primer. However, there are other distinguishing features for each that any professional beauty products professional can set out. In light of that, this post tries to do it in a simplified manner.


What is A Face Primer?

A face primer is a beauty product that helps to create an extra layer between the skin on your face and the applied makeup. Usually, a face primer, like other priming products, is used predominantly to help your makeup last longer. It also helps to make the skin’s surface feel smoother as well as to even out the skin tone. There are different primers that can be used on the entire face and some for the lips, eyes, and even the lashes.

Why Use A Face Primer

A face primer is used for purposes of filling any pores, creases, or lines in your face skin to allow the foundation to go on more smoothly. In simple terms, a face primer is meant to provide a base for any or all of your makeup.

Benefits of Using A Face Primer

  • A face primer offers a smooth base for makeup.
  • The primer can help in modifying oily areas and prevent excessive shining.
  • The primer can also help to color correct areas of dullness or redness and remove discoloration.
  • The primer also helps ensure the foundation lasts longer.
  • The primer adds an extra boost of hydration to drier skins.


What is An Eye Primer?

An eye primer is a beauty product used to ensure the liquid eyeliners or eyeshadows applied will stay put all day long. It also helps in preventing the eyeshadow from creasing on your eyelids.

Why Use An Eye Primer?

An eye primer is applied to the lower eye area and the eyelid before applying the eyeshadow. The purpose is usually to even out the eyelids’ skin tone, smoothen the eyelid’s skin, and hide the eyelid veins.

When you use an eye primer underneath your eyes, it can help to prevent the concealer from creasing and also make it last longer.

Benefits of An Eye Primer

An eye primer:

  • It improves the texture of the skin around the eyes.
  • Helps your makeup to go on smoother and last longer.
  • Keeps the eyeshadow in place and prevents it from creasing.


Differences Between Face Primer and Eye Primer

The two primers differ in some perspectives including:

  1. Uses of Face Primer and Eye Primer

The basic difference between the two is the uses for each. A face primer is used on the face while an eye primer is applied to the eyes.

  1. Formula

Most face primers contain water and silicone. This formula makes them smoother to touch and also the best options for filling out any creases, pores, or any other imperfection on the skin. Eye primers, on the other hand, contain a sight grip that helps make them last longer and slightly tackier.

Face Primer Vs. Eye Primer: Comparison Table


Summary of Face Primer and Eye Primer

The face and eye primers serve closely the same purposes — however, the areas they are applied on as well as the formulae bring out the major differences between them. As for any new user of either, a face primer will not work well on the lids as it is more viscous and does not usually set. Likewise, an eye primer will not work on the face as it will block the pores due to its hard texture as well as the set of ingredients that are not meant for the face.


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