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Difference Between Gillette Fusion and Fusion Power

Gillette Fusion vs Fusion Power

Gillette is a Procter and Gamble brand that supplies and manufactures safety razors and blades. In 2006, they released the Fusion line of razors that is intricately designed for precision trimming. It houses five anterior (front) blades and an additional posterior (rear) blade – a great improvement from Gillette’s old series of razors. There are many types of razors under the Fusion line. Two of the most popular are the original manual Gillette Fusion and Gillette Fusion Power.

Some are confused with the two because they feel the same when used. They also produce similar results. It’s just that there are some modifying characteristics that separate them from each other. For the Gillette Fusion, it is a manual-type razor like all the other typical razor models. On the other hand, Fusion Power bears the term “power” because it is a more advanced and motorized razor model that has a battery compartment. It is so designed because it is able to emit micropulses that are said to improve the razor glide. There are already many variants of Fusion Power that were released since 2007 like the Fusion Power Phantom, Fusion Power Gamer, and Fusion Power Phenom.

In terms of performance and comfort in use, the two razors are still to be debated because some say that the manual razor is just fine while others insist that Fusion Power is really more reliable and more comfortable to use. Nevertheless, Fusion Power has been observed to limit hair tugging; however, this may actually be something to do with personal preference.

Because both the Gillette Fusion and Fusion Power belong to the same Fusion line of razors, their blades are said to be used interchangeably for both models. However, the Fusion Power blades are the ones that are actually manufactured or designed for use in Fusion Power razors so it’s practically safer and more ideal to use them for the motorized razor.
Because of its design and motor, the Fusion Power razor is a little pricier than the standard Gillette Fusion razor. Fusion Power also has battery light warning system and an auto shutoff feature. The same price trend goes with their blades. Moreover, the Fusion Power blades are colored differently from the traditional Gillette Fusion blades. They appear to be orange as opposed to the latter which is originally colored blue.


1.Gillette Fusion is a manual-type razor while Fusion Power is a motorized battery-powered razor.
2.Fusion Power emits micropulses to improve the glide during shaving.
3.Fusion Power razors and blades are more expensive than Gillette Fusion.
4.Fusion Power blades are colored differently from Gillette Fusion blades. They are colored orange unlike the latter which are blue.

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  1. When using the fusion blade on power razor, is there any considerable difference in shaving quality. Can we use the power function for non power razor

    • The blades are interchangeable amoungst the Gillette Fusion Razors. With that point as the key- as long as it’s a Gillette Fusion it’s fine. There is no marked difference in the blades, regardless of the razor

      • Still slightly confused. I understand that you can use non motor fusion blade in fusion handle, but is it identical, or does motor blades in motor handle work differently

  2. Gillette fusion cut better when shaving yer bawbag.

  3. The powered version works better as the blades become more dull. You can actually feel the blades repositioning as they come across a hair.

  4. I have used both fusion and power on a power razor. I have not found any difference between them execpt for color.

  5. Below is a direct response from P&G:

    “The differences between the Power and Manual Fusion Cartridges are subtle but there are differences. The Power Fusion Cartridges have aloe, vitamin E and natural oils in the lubrastrip while the Manual Cartridges have just aloe and vitamin E.”

    Hope this helps.

  6. I bought a Fusion Power razor. Using with a shave oil I got 50 shaves from one cartridge.

  7. Earlier used manual. But after experiencing pulsating razor, i feel comfortable in shaving. I think the pulse generating razor is much better than manual one. I use one cartridge (single set of blade) more than 70 times. Note that my hair are tougher and quick growing. I shave daily with foam can. Yes, one special note that i do shaving after taking bath. Pulse are helpful in blade movement and good for skin curing.

  8. If there were any difference in function they would not be interchangeable. I use both depending on what’s on offer and feel no difference.

    Even the Gillette guy avoided answering the question because the only difference from what I see is the price.

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