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Difference Between Men’s Razors and Women’s Razors

Quite often, people ask what the difference between men’s and women’s razor is. In most cases, it is the women who ask why their razors are sold at higher prices compared to men’s.

The truth is, regardless of the price differences, there are key distinctions between the two. The differences, however, do not necessarily have to influence the prices and the price factor is entirely determined by the manufacturer and the laws of the land.

The major difference is attributed to what each gender uses the razor for. Men, other than manscaping, use razors to shave their faces only. On the other hand, women use the razors to shave multiple parts of their bodies.

They can use a razor to shave their underarms, legs, the pubic hair around their private parts, and the bikini area. From that alone, it is logical that women would need different razors for different tasks.

So, what are the main differences between the men’s and women’s razors?


What is a Men’s Razor?

A men’s razor is a blade tool that men use primarily to remove any unwanted hair from their bodies. The hair is removed through the act of shaving. The makes of razors available include electric razors, straight razors, and disposable razors.


What is a Women’s Razor?

Just like men’s razors, women’s razors are used to shave off unwanted hairs from their bodies. The hair is also removed through shaving using the razor. Women’s razors come in different types since they tend to use a different type of razor for every body part.


Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Razors

Irrespective of the fact that razors serve fundamentally the same purposes, there are notable specifications for each. The variances include:

  1. Colours of Men’s and Women’s Razors

This is the first difference that would help in distinguishing between the two razors if you found them in a common rack. Even though it is not much of a variance, most manufacturers understand that humans, and especially women are more sensitive to and moved by colour. Therefore, it is very likely to find a women’s razor with pink or light blue colours while men’s razors will most likely be green, grey, dark blue, or black.

  1. Blades for Men’s and Women’s Razors

The blades are usually not so different from each other, but due to the different uses of the razors, manufacturers make the blades slightly varying in their shapes and angles. For the women’s razors, the blade cartridge has an oval or more rounded shape while men’s razors have more of a square head.

The women’s razors are made so to help them reach their curves such as on the underarms and behind the knee. Also, the women’s razor can pivot with individually adjusting blades that make them flex and reach hard-to-reach spots.

  1. Moisturizing strip

When it comes to the lubricating strip, the men’s razors tend to have one moisture strip which goes over the skin after the blade does. For the women’s razors, the blades are usually encased in a head with solid moisturizers or between the two strips.

The reason for the extra hydration is because women’s skins are more prone to irritation from razor burns. This is usually for the soft skin compared to the men’s rough facial skin.

  1. The head

The head of a man’s razor is small to allow the man to adjust the razor to his face while a woman’s razor has a broader head to allow it to cover a bigger area, for example when shaving the legs.

  1. Shave angle for Men’s and Women’s Razors

This is perhaps the most important difference between the two razor types. The men’s razors have greater angles on the blade – the razor industry call that “aggressive exposure” – for one main reason. The reason is that men have tougher beards compared to the hairs on women’s underarms, bikini area, and leg hairs.

Therefore, men require more effort to cut the beards. As for the women’s razors, they have a less pronounced angle to avoid the “aggressive exposure” as women are more concerned with nicks and cuts from the exposure.

Men’s Razors Vs. Women’s Razors: Comparison Table


Summary of Men’s and Women’s Razors

Many are the times when women have used the men’s razors. While this has no profound implications and does get the job done right, it is important to use gender-specific razors. This is because they are designed differently to fit the respective gender. So, if you are planning to go shopping for your razor and shop for your husband, you now have an idea of the things to look at to differentiate them. Remember to always seek advice before buying or using any product that you are not sure of.


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