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Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Vans

Men’s vs Women’s Vans

Vans is a brand name which makes shoes, clothing, and accessories for men, women, and kids. When the shoes, clothing, or accessories of Vans are worn, it is referred to as wearing Vans. People don’t say they are wearing shoes. They say they are wearing Vans. Shoes, clothing, and accessories of Vans come in a wide range and, like any other brand, the styles keep changing with each season. The difference between men’s and women’s Vans is that clothes and accessories like handbags are distinctly different from each other, but the range in shoes is unisex for a lot of designs. There are four different categories available; classic, custom-made, athletes, and collection.

Women’s Vans
Women’s Vans shoes are available in many designs, shapes, textures, and styles. There are basically three different categories that are available at the store; shoes, clothing, and accessories. The shoes for women include categories like: classic, lifestyle, skate, surf, and sandals. Clothes include a wide range of shirts, T-shirts, dresses, etc. For the fall season, the clothes line is full with parkas, hoodies, leggings, woolen dresses, sweaters, jackets, pants, etc. Accessories include: backpacks, belts, handbags, scarves, gloves, hats, etc.

Women’s accessories and clothes are different from men’s accessories and clothes because of their sizes, their styles, and their cut which are the general differences between men’s and women’s clothing. The shoes are different from each other in sizes and styles. Vans shoes for women are available in different fabrics and prints which include: kittie print, flowers, different pastels, and bold colors which women like to wear. Women’s shoes are available in slip-on designs, lace-ups, ankle length, etc.

In the athletes’ section, the designs are unisex, and the difference is basically in the women’s and men’s sizes. Sometimes the smaller size of men’s shoes fits many women.

Men’s Vans
For men too there are different categories to choose from like: classic, shoes, clothes, and accessories. Classic includes some classic Vans shoe styles which have been popular for a long time. Shoes include categories like: skate, surf, BMX, OTW, and sandals. Clothes include a range of T-shirts, tanks, shirts, sweaters, fleece, and hoodies, jackets, pants, shorts, denim, etc. Accessories include: backpacks, hats, scarves, keychains, wallets, etc. Shoes can be custom-made, classic, or athletes. The difference between men’s and women’s shoes is basically in the sizes and colors. A lot of designs are unisex and can be worn by men and women both.

1. Men’s and women’s Vans are different from each other in style, color, sizes, and cut. Vans includes shoes, clothes, and accessories. Some of the shoes, especially in the athlete’s section, are unisex too.

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