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Difference Between Emo and Preppy

emo-vs-sceneEmo vs Preppy

When you talk about styles like emo and preppy, it usually involves the differences between clothing, hairstyles and taste in music. Here, we will focus more on the clothing and hairstyle differences between emo and preppy.

These two styles are typically categories that tweens, teens and young adults like to categorize themselves into. First, let’s talk about emo. The name is the shortened term for emotional hardcore or emocore. When it comes to their hairstyles, emo bears a strong resemblance to the styles and cuts worn by 1980s punk rock bands. Geometric cuts, highlights in loud colors, side swept bangs, hair sticking out all over the place ‘“ these are just some of the characteristics of emo hairstyles. Basically, the goal of the hairstyle is to let people know that emo is all about freedom of expression and carefree attitude.

Emo fashion, on the other hand, is stereotyped as wearing skinny jeans in black or bright colors, tight t-shirts, studded belts, black wristbands and similar accessories. All in all, the statement that emo fashion and hairstyle is trying to make is that of being emotional, introverted, angst-ridden and shy.

But what about preppy? The term is short for preparatory, which is usually associated with the styles of those going to private universities. The image that preppy people would like to maintain is that they are classic, clean-cut, outgoing but not superficial. When you wear preppy clothes and hairstyles, it’s all about the attitude of being happy and well-mannered.

Preppy style clothes include wearing items from timeless brands like Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and Burberry. Instead of just wearing plain t-shirts, preppies wear polo shirts, rugby shirts, cable-knit vests and sweaters, Bermuda shorts, summer and tea dresses for women, as well as clothes which are inspired by tennis and golf.

For both men and women, the rule of thumb to follow when it comes to preppy hairstyle is that it should be clean-cut and classic. Ponytails, wearing your hair stick-straight, braided or wearing your hair in barrettes are some of the applicable preppy hairstyles for women. For men, it’s all about being as clean-cut as you can be.


1.Emo is the shortened term of emotional hardcore while preppy is short for preparatory.
2.Emo fashion is all about wearing blacks, skinny jeans and accessories which express angst; while preppy fashion is all about being classy and brand-recognized.
3.Emo hairstyle includes side-swept bangs, blunt or layered cuts and highlights in contrasting colors; while preppy hairstyle is clean-cut.

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