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Plaid vs Flannel

There are several things in life that go together. There are some that can sometimes stand on their own while there are those that cannot do without the other. Yes, a cup and saucer can be used individually, and bacon and eggs can do without each other.

One can eat bread without butter, but a table needs a chair. Guns are useless without ammunition; a lock cannot be opened without keys, and combs are made for hair. Plaid and flannel are two things that go perfectly well together. In fact, because they have been associated with each other for so long, they have been a source of confusion to many people.

“Plaid” is a fabric pattern which originated in Scotland where it is called by the name “tartan.” It is a cloth with vertical and horizontal stripes which intersect and are at a right angle from each other. Red and black are the usual colors of the pattern, but they also come in several different colors.

Tartans are hung over one shoulder, and they were first used in Scotland in the 16th century. They became very popular, and different clans from different regions soon created their own patterns which were used to identify each family.

The pattern later became associated with the British military and aristocracy. During the times of anti-establishment movements, plaid was worn as a sign of rebellion. Today, it is a very common and popular cloth pattern which is used to make shirts, skirts, jackets, blankets, and other items.

Plaid is the pattern which is often seen in flannel clothing. It is a fabric which was first produced in Wales during the 17th century. It is a soft, woven fabric which is made from wool or worsted yarn. It is a soft fabric made by brushing it to produce fine fibers. It can be brushed on both sides or only on one side.

It is a warm and comfortable fabric and is worn by farmers and those that work in cold weather. Flannel is used to make winter clothing because it provides warmth and comfort and, while it is originally made from wool, today it is usually made of synthetic materials, cotton, silk, or a combination of these materials.

These are known by the names flannelette, cotton, or canton flannel, and diaper flannel. The materials are woven in a twill or plain weave and then made into flannel with a plaid pattern and made into clothing, bed covers, and blankets.


1.Plaid is a fabric pattern which is usually the pattern that is used in flannel cloth or fabric.

2.Plaid originated in Scotland while flannel originated in Wales.

3.Plaid was developed in the 16th century while flannel was developed in the 17th century.

4.Plaid is a pattern with intersecting vertical and horizontal lines in red, black, and several other colors while flannel is a fabric which is made from wool or worsted yarn.

5.Flannel fabric with plaid pattern is used to make sleepwear, winter clothing, blankets, bed covers, jackets, and other items that require warmth and comfort.

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