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Difference Between Skinny Jeans and Carrot Jeans

Skinny Jeans vs Carrot Jeans

Jeans are one of the most popular clothes in America as well as in the whole world. There is no country today where people do not wear jeans and are unaware of the new looks that are introduced almost every season. The reason for the popularity of jeans is that they are tough, comfortable, easy to maintain, and available in shapes and cut which suit almost all body types.

Skinny Jeans
Women and men who like to flaunt their curves and figure go for Skinny Jeans. These jeans usually have a stretchable thread in them like spandex or latex which helps the fabric to stretch when required and once worn attains the exact shape of the body. As the name suggests, Skinny Jeans are like a second skin of a person. They are absolutely fitted and attain the shape of the person wearing it. They are tight throughout from waist, crotch, thighs, calves, and ankles, too. They are available in almost all colors and are popular amongst women and men who have very good figures. Because of the stretchable thread mixed in it, they might be tight but still are comfortable as they move with the body, expand with the body when required. Still, a tight pant is a tight pant.

Carrot Jeans
Carrot Jeans look like Skinny Jeans because they are a slimmer fit, too. They are not straight-cut, boot-cut, or loose-cut. They look like they are fitting a person like the Skinny Jeans do but are loose at the crotch and then more fitted at the calves. The upper portion of the Carrot Jeans is looser than the Skinny Jeans, but below the knees it fits like the Skinny Jeans. They are obviously more comfortable. They look slightly clumpy to a trained eye as the fitting is not even from top to bottom. The fashion world has introduced the concept of wearing something comfortable as well as being able to show off the figure to a maximum advantage, yet the popularity of the Carrot Jeans has not yet caught on. The reason is, those who want to wear Skinny Jeans already have the option available to them, and many people are not aware of the differences between the two cuts.


1.Skinny Jeans and Carrot Jeans have different cuts. Skinny Jeans are tight and body hugging all over, and Carrot Jeans are slightly loose at the crotch and then fitted at the calves.
2.Skinny Jeans are one of the most popular jeans among men and women who want to show off their figure to their maximum advantage. Carrot Jeans have been introduced recently and are yet to make a stronghold in the fashion world.

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