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Difference Between Summer Jeans and Winter Jeans

Summer Jeans vs Winter Jeans

Jeans are one of the most popular pieces of clothing in the whole world. It is made of denim fabric which has evolved with time. Since the first jeans came on the market, there have been many styles and cuts available in jeans. As they are worn throughout the year, they are available in different thicknesses, denim fabrics made with different yarns for different weather and different blends to suit different seasons. Not only are the styles different in summers and winters, the types of denim that are used to make summer jeans and winter jeans are also different.

In summers, jeans are available in cuts which suit hot and humid weather. Similarly, the denim used for summer jeans is also different in summers than in winters. The denim used for summer is lighter; it is made of porous cotton fibers. Cotton fibers allow the air to pass through them and help in absorbing the sweat. The fabric for summer jeans is washed many times by the jeans manufacturers to make it light and comfortable. By washing it before manufacturing, the fabric becomes lighter and softer in texture. Jeans made by this fabric when worn allows the skin to breathe and allows the air to pass through; thus, they are very comfortable for hot weather.

Winter jeans are jeans which are made of fabric which retains the heat of the body and does not allow the air to pass through it as easily as the summer jeans. The main function of winter jeans is to insulate the body from the chilling winds and cold of the season. To make this possible, winter jeans are mainly made of heavier denim. Not only the fabric is heavier but it has other insulating fibers mixed with the cotton fibers. The denim world has been revolutionized by different man-made fibers available today to provide insulation, warmth, stretchability, etc. Winter jeans are tough, durable, versatile, and available in different shades and colors as per the current winter fashion. They are designed so that they can be worn with boots and other winter clothing items.


Summer jeans are jeans which are made for hot and humid weather; thus, they are made of lighter fabric which is softer and more comfortable in texture with porous cotton fibers which allow the air to pass through them to keep the body more comfortable and let the skin breathe; winter jeans are made of heavier fabric and have fibers blended with cotton which insulate the heat of the body.

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