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Difference Between Snake Bite and Spider Bite Piercing

Snake Bite vs Spider Bite Piercing

Snake bites and spider bites are not the puncture wounds made by snakes and spiders, but they are two of the most popular bite-type piercings done on one’s lips. They are named as such because they really look like animal bites after the actual piercing. These two piercing forms have become a fad nowadays and many are beginning to be very popular having them around. However, some are asking which of the two is better in terms of pros and cons.

Well, the consideration is actually not purely on the cost, healing rate, and attractiveness because the charge to have these piercings may vary from place to place. Healing is also about the same for the two (several months with proper care) and the preference of getting either a snake bite or spider bite depends on your own decision. Some like snake bites more than spider bites, but there are also a significant number of people preferring the other way around.

Snake bite piercing is so named with reference to the pattern of a snake bite. After one has been bitten by a snake, the mark left appears to be a pair of holes that is properly spaced. In a snake-bite piercing, the case is still the same. There are two piercings on different sides of the lower lip, one on the right and the other on the left. This resembles how far the snake’s fangs are to each other. In this connection, many claim that the snake bite gives a rebellious look to the person.

Spider bite piercing has been misunderstood by some to be the same as snake bites because the pattern is still paired piercings. The primary difference is the location of these piercings. In a spider bite, the piercings are located on only one side which are spaced much closer as compared to snake bites. It will look as if a spider really bit your lower lip because the spider’s fangs are not too far from each other, most likely attributed to its small size. Because of the proximity of the piercings in a spider bite, it is more preferable to use smaller jewelry to avoid the accessories from brushing against each other.

With these two paired piercings you can actually put any type of jewelry or accessory like labrets and captive bead rings (popularly known as ball closure rings). It just depends on your taste. Nevertheless, they still differ as the summary below will reflect.


1.There are two piercings on opposite sides of the lower lip for snake bites (one on the right and another on the left).
2.There are two piercings on the same side of the lower lip for spider bite piercings (either both are on the right or both are on the left).
3.The snake bite has piercings that are farther apart from each other as compared to spider bites.
4.It is ideal to use smaller rings or labrets for spider bites because the piercings are made much closer to each other as compared to the piercings of snake bites.

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