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Difference Between Flea and Bed Bug Bites

Flea vs Bed Bug Bites

Even if you’re unaware of it, you may not know that you’re already being bitten by fleas and bed bugs. These parasites are almost everywhere, and one increases his or her likelihood of exposure by travelling to other unknown areas. If you’re having some trouble differentiating the two by just judging on how each looks (almost identical), then it may be better to understand their differences by virtue of their respective bite characteristics.

Fleas are tiny blood suckers that belong to the order Siphonaptera. They thrive on a wide range of hosts like cats, dogs, rabbits, mice, squirrels, and rats. These parasites are equipped with their specially designed jaws which enable them to pierce through the skin of their victims so as to suck out blood. Humans are said to be more resistant to fleas as compared to domesticated animals. However, some age groups, like children, find themselves allergic to flea infestations.

Bed bugs are more nocturnal in activity. They tend to bite at night and have bites that resemble closely to those coming from your typical mosquito. Others may even confuse bed bug bites with allergies, but this should not be the case as bed bug bites follow a peculiar grouped pattern.

Although the bite characteristics of each parasite may not be true to all individuals because of the uniqueness of the reaction from person to person, still there are some very identifiable features. Foremost, when you are bitten by a flea, the bump created is rather small and encircled by a halo. By contrast, bed bugs create a reddish, slightly raised and hardened bump similar to mosquito bites.

As mentioned, bed bugs have a very peculiar bite pattern. They usually create a linear or straight bite arrangement as opposed to the fleabites being more irregular and appearing randomly. However, even if the pattern is random, the bite distribution among fleas is generally located at the ankle or leg areas. They are rarely seen to attack the upper body areas. On the contrary, bed bugs love to bite anywhere on the body most especially the upper parts. With regard to itching, both bites are bothersome, but flea bites tend to develop into allergies, skin swelling, and other secondary infections in some victims.


1.The bump created in a flea bite is small and has a halo encircling it. The bump created in a bed bug bite is reddish, hardened, and just slightly raised (similar to a mosquito bite).
2.The bite pattern of bed bugs is linear and straight while that of the fleas is irregular and more random.
3.The bite location of bed bugs can be anywhere on one’s body whereas the preferred bite location of fleas is the lower part of the human body (the ankle and legs).
4.Both the flea and bed bug bites cause itching, but the former can develop into allergies, swelling, and other diseases.

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