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Differences Between Apex Bionic and Apex Pneumatic

Apex Bionic vs Apex Pneumatic

And here you thought that jackets were all about keeping one warm, bundled, and cozy. In fact, you probably would distinguish different types of jackets based on when they’re worn, which is, usually during winter, autumn and spring. Although that is still a really good way to be able to differentiate one type of jacket over the other, hopefully in this article, it shall be endeavoring to help you in distinguishing and differentiating the contrasts and dissimilarities between an Apex Bionic and an Apex Pneumatic jacket.

What is an Apex Bionic jacket?

It would probably be good to start with the more obvious difference. An Apex Bionic jacket is the thicker type of jacket. While that may be too broad as its description, it might be easier to understand if we list these different characteristics that would help you in determining the jacket that you are looking at or that you would be purchasing, whether it is an Apex Bionic or the Apex Pneumatic. For starters, an Apex Bionic jacket is water resistant. It is also fleece-lined. An Apex Bionic is made of a special type of material called the Apex ClimateBlock, which is a heavier soft-shell type of fabric. Another important piece of information is that the soft-shell material that is used actually has a special rating, in other words, it is rated 0 CFM which allows for better air permeability. 0 CFM means ‘zero’ cubic feet per minute, which means that no air or wind can pass through it. Finally, an Apex Bionic jacket is windproof.

What is an Apex Pneumatic jacket?

An Apex Pneumatic jacket, on the other hand, is made up of a thinner and lighter material. Oftentimes, it is flexible and more stretchy as compared to the Apex Bionic jacket. Another important bit of information about the Apex Pneumatic jacket is that it is usually and more often used for more strenuous activities and is usually used for spring and summer. If the Apex Bionic is made of the Apex ClimateBlock, the Apex Pneumatic is made of Apex Aerobic. Its soft-shell material is very lightweight. It has a breathable soft-shell as well. Lastly, the Apex Pneumatic is really better used for low-level activities. It is the type of jacket best worn for cool and windy weather or seasons.

It is important that one is aware of these different details and quite thorough descriptions for both types of jackets. Although it is an important factor to consider the price when purchasing, in the long run, one should always remember that durability and long-lasting items are important to keep and to have. In the country where you live in, if having the coldest among cold weather is part of your life, as well as having a moderately cool type of weather, you of course need a jacket. This is why having both types of jackets is a must-have in your closet. What’s more, sometimes it is not just all about brand names that would immediately make you assume that you have the best. It is really all about knowing what to buy, what to look for, and what important details you would need to ask for when purchasing, whether online or not. With the help of these pieces of information written above, you would be able to save yourself a lot of money if you know what you wish to purchase, and not just limit your request to what you need.


An Apex Bionic is made of heavier and thick material. An Apex Pneumatic is made of lighter, stretchier material.

An Apex Bionic is great for winter and very cold season or weather. Cool and windy seasons call for the Apex Pneumatic jacket.

Different materials comprise each type of jacket. The Apex ClimateBlock for the Apex Bionic, while the Apex Aerobic is used for the Apex Pneumatic.

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