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Sweater vs Sweatshirt

Animals are naturally equipped with body coverings to protect them against extreme environmental conditions that can harm them. Some animals like bears, dogs, cats, and tigers have fur; others like fish, lizards, and snakes have scales.
Turtles have shells, and birds, ducks, swans, and geese have feathers. These coverings provide them with insulation during cold weather and protection against the forces of nature that can be harmful to them. They also help the animals maintain their body temperature.

Humans have skins as a body covering which protects them against bacteria and infections. This covering is not enough, though, to provide warmth during cold weather. Clothes are made to cover them up and protect the skin against harm and provide warmth when they feel cold.

Two types of clothes that are designed for the purpose of providing warmth and insulation are the sweater and the sweatshirt.

A sweater is a knitted, crocheted, or woven jacket or pullover which is made of wool, cotton, or synthetic yarn. It is designed to cover the upper part of the body and may also be a slipover, a cardigan, or a turtleneck. It is made by linking stitches which is the process used in knitting or crocheting. Making a sweater is complicated and involves complex patterns and designs. It can be light or heavy and is designed to provide warmth and protection from the cold. It can be sleeveless or made with short or long sleeves. It may have an open front such as in a cardigan or not such as in a pullover. It is known in different countries by different names as; jersey, sweater vests, tank tops, slipover, hoodie, jumper, or pullover like the sweatshirt.

A sweatshirt is an oversized pullover that has long sleeves and has no collar which is made of soft, absorbent material such as heavy, cotton jersey with a fleece backing. It has elastic cuffs and is usually worn during athletic activities to induce sweating and for warmth. It is usually heavy and is designed to absorb sweat in order to let the wearer slowly cool down after exercise or strenuous physical activities. Sweatshirts are used by athletes during training, and most sweatshirts have hoods to provide protection from the rain and snow.


1.A sweater is designed not to absorb sweat but to provide warmth while a sweatshirt is designed both to provide warmth and to absorb sweat.
2.A sweater is usually knitted or crocheted while a sweatshirt is not.
3.A sweater is made of lightweight material which makes it lighter than a sweatshirt which is usually made of heavy cotton.
4.A sweatshirt usually has long sleeves while a sweater can be sleeveless.
5.Sweatshirts are used by athletes during training and practice because they absorb sweat and allow them to cool down slowly after physical activity while sweaters do not.
6.A sweater may or may not have an opening at the front, and it can have a hood or not just like a sweatshirt which is a type of sweater.

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