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Difference Between Sport Coat and Suit Jacket

Sport Coat vs Suit Jacket

Many are asking about the differences between sport coats and suit jackets. Well, the difference is actually very easy. From the name itself, you’ll already have an idea why the two differ. Nevertheless, some are still puzzled with their distinctions. It is probably because of their troubled fashion sense of matching unfamiliar coats or jackets with pants that end up being a complete recipe for eyesore. So how do they differ?

A sport coat is not your standard boating jacket. It comes in a lush array of color choices and has several pocket flaps and sometimes patch pockets. The sport coat was ordinarily made for use during unwanted farm work thereby creating a slightly rusty and modern earthly look. Nowadays, it is used for many casual activities. In addition, sport coats deviate from the conservative styling as depicted in coats. This means that this garment has more liberty in styling and can easily be made to be looser and generate a more relaxed feel to the wearer. Because of this nature, sport coats need not strictly match with the pants.

A suit jacket, on the contrary, is usually adorned with a matching tie. Traditionally referred to plainly as a coat, suits have piped pockets and shoulder pads. They are also more conservative in style that strictly adheres to some modern-day specifications. Most coats deemed top-quality are usually matched with equally astounding pants that complement the fabric and color of the coats. Depending on the tailoring technique, these suits are able to create shape illusions that can compress or lengthen one’s body. Suit jackets are described as “dressed for the kill.” This is because they are usually worn during more formal occasions to make the wearer look more professional and sleek.

In terms of fabric, the material used for making suit jackets is finer, usually made of wool. The suit fabric is soft to touch and has fewer choices in colors because of their conservative nature. The most commonly used colors are the solid, dark shades. By contrast, sport coats have more colors ranging from bright hues to camel hair colors, and even having those corduroy patterns.


1.Suit jackets observe conservative styling.
2.Suit jackets have less color choices than sport coats.
3.Suit jackets have a stricter matching to be followed with their corresponding pants as opposed to the more liberal matching of the sport coat to its pants.
4.Suit jackets use a finer cloth material, normally wool, and are softer than other garments.
5.Suit jackets are ideally worn on more formal occasions while sport coats are ideal for casual activities.

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