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Difference Between King Crown and Queen Crown

A crown can be defined as a symbolic form of headwear or headgear, or simply a hat worn by a deity or a monarch. Traditionally, a crown represents legitimacy, power, triumph, victory, glory, and honour. It could also represent righteousness, resurrection, and immortality.

A crown is usually used as an emblem of a monarchy, items endorsed by it, or the monarch’s government. The word is commonly used in Commonwealth countries, particularly as an abstract name for the monarchy itself, and not for the person who inhabits it.

Each rank of peerage has a specific type of crown. The types are applied per peerage under strict rules. The coronation or installing is usually by a solemn oath in parliament, with the event characterized by military uniform for the candidates.

Even with the widespread acknowledgment of the crown, most people do not have an idea that there exists a king’s crown, different from the queen’s. Most of them will assume it is just a normal crown for the royal family or a kingdom leader. However, there exist some differences based on various perspectives as detailed here.

Categories of Crowns

A crown can be categorized in three distinct types:

  • The Coronation Crown: this is a crown worn by monarchs during their crowing.
  • State Crown: the state crown is usually set to be worn by monarchs whenever they are attending to or appearing for state occasions.
  • The Consort Crowns: these crowns are worn by the queen’s consorts. A queen consort is the wife of a reigning king and wears this type of crown to signify the rank she is granted as a constitutional courtesy protocol.


Difference Between King and Queen Crown

Although the king and queen crown refer to the same head regalia, there are some distinguishing aspects.

  1. Shape

The queen’s crown, also referred to the Royal crown is made with depressed arches. The king’s crown also called the Imperial crown, on the other hand, has arches that rise to the centre.

  1. Distinctive Features

Good examples to support this point are the Queen Victoria’s and King Edward VII’s crowns. The queens crown had a unique curved top while the king’s crown had a single rounded dome top. The current crowns, for example, Queen Elizabeth II’s has followed the patterns with twin rounded domes on top.

King’s Crown vs. Queen’s Crown: Comparison Table


Summary of King Crown Vs. Queen Crown

Although the two crowns have some variances, they both serve the same purposes. The shapes and designs vary according to different kingdoms’ preferences. However, there are some kingdoms that do not have a different crown for the king and another for the queen. They have one distinct one for either of the royal leaders.

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  1. Queen Victoria had the crown made that little she found the others too heavy that’s it

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