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Difference Between King and Queen bed

King vs Queen bed

Beds come in various sizes. People can choose beds depending on their aspirations and the level of comfort they desire. Of the all bed sizes, King and Queen size beds are considered to be the largest. Couples purchase these two types of bed as they give extra sleeping room.

When comparing the King and the Queen size beds, the former is slightly larger than the latter. The King size bed is around 76 inches in width and 80 inches long. Queen size beds are the same length but are only 60 inches in width.

Couples tend to prefer Queen size beds, as they are more spacious and comfortable for two persons to sleep in. Queen size beds fit into master bedrooms and can also fit into most guest rooms. Couples that want to have extra space prefer King size beds. The King size bed is also suitable for persons who are bulky, as they get more space. Queen size beds are comfortable for an average size person.

A King size bed takes up more bed room real estate and also reduces the space available for other furniture. The King size bed is therefore generally more suited to large rooms. The King size bed comes in two different sizes; the Standard King and the California King.

King size beds, due to their larger size, generally cost more than a similar type of Queen size bed.

The King size bed is around 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, while a Queen size bed is the same length but only 60 inches wide.
Queen size beds fit into most master bedrooms and some guest rooms. Couples that want extra space prefer King size beds.
The King size bed reduces the amount of available space for other furniture in a bedroom and is therefore most suited to large rooms.
The King size bed costs more than a Queen size bed as they are larger.

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