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Oppression vs Possession

Oppression and possession are two classifications of demon influence and harassment toward human beings.

Demons are considered a form of evil spirits that can influence human beings in many ways. Although there are many non-believers about demons and their influences, many religions insist that these spirits can influence or cause disruptions to human lives and their faith.

In demonic oppression, the demon does not directly attack the person but influences his behavior and the person’s entire life. The person under demonic oppression might exhibit abnormal or changes in personality, attitude, and manners. Even with demonic influence, the person retains control over his physical body and mind.

On the other side, demonic possession is the state where the demon gains full command of a person’s body. The demon takes away the person’s ability to use his physical body, will, consciousness, and freedom. The body adopts the personality, voice, and actions of the demon. By using the person’s body, the demon communicates to other people by using a different voice and ways like shouting profanity and taunts.

Both demonic oppression and possession need a certain degree of latitude or “acceptance” into the human person’s body. For many religions and religious people, disobedience, committing sins, having temptations, participating in an occult religion, and a lack of faith are major reasons why demon oppression and possession happen.

Demonic oppression and possession can be remedied by doing repentance as well as purification of the body and soul. The most effective way to stop demonic influence is to reclaim faith and solidify belief with a strong will. These elements will help to battle the demon and other temptations. Exorcism, the process of forced extraction of an evil spirit from the body, is usually reserved for demon-possessed people. However, there is little evidence and accuracy regarding exorcism. The exorcist is usually performed by a member of the clergy.

According to Christians, a believer and follower of Jesus Christ can be oppressed but cannot be possessed. This notion is founded on the belief that the Holy Spirit (one of the Holy Trinity) resides in a person’s body as its temple. This makes a Christian incorruptible and an exception to total demonic control.


1. Demonic oppression and possession are two distinct types of demonic interaction. They both cause harassment and influence over a certain person.

2. Demonic oppression is defined as mild to heavy demonic harassment or influence. Meanwhile, demonic possession is characterized as full inhibition and control of evil spirits over the human body.

3. In demonic oppression, the person doesn’t lose his ability to move or control his body or mind. In demonic possession, on the other hand, the demon takes away the person’s volition including physical and mental capacities.

4. Demonic oppression is purely influence or subjugation of the person to the demon’s will. This can be done by suggestion or manipulation. On the other hand, demonic possession is the act where a demon controls a person’s body and mind. Therefore, in demonic oppression, the human will isn’t fully disabled. This is not the case in demonic possession.

5. Demonic possession is seen as more sensationalized than demonic oppression.

6. Both demonic oppression and possession happen inside a person’s body. However, demon-possessed people often communicates with other humans by using a demonic voice and manner.

7. There are many reasons why demonic oppression and possession happen. Most of the reasons are based on weak faith, disobedience to religion, and falling into sin.

8. In Christian teachings, a Christian can be oppressed but cannot be possessed. The Christian belief that a person’s body is the temple of the Holy Spirit is the basis of this thinking.

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  1. I do know that there is a demonic entity within me, but I am not possessed just oppressed. I can see this entity whenever I sit in a dark room and concentrate long enough. Another experience is that when I look into a mirror and stare myself in the eye, I start to see a difference in my appearance. i can’t exactly explain it, I see myself then my face begins to change in the mirror. It looks like my face is being altered, not completely but more as if it’s being joined together with something else.. I need answers.

    Email: Skate_life732&yahoo.com

  2. I have experienced things like this…over the last year . there used to be only a few figures i can see the shadows of in certain types of reflections….not strait up mirror. Unless it has a magnifiar. It has escalated.. Would like to ask more pls email me i have lots to say

  3. I read your reply in an article on internet about this, and I need help. I do not want this but I’m afraid the possession took place during brain surgery a year ago.
    The demon(I didn’t realize at the time what it was)
    But it had me threaten suicide,
    And I lost my pain mgmt doctor. Found another pm doctor and I ended up writing everything in a journal that I was feeling and that I switched doctors and wrote their names down.
    And I took a bottle of morphine.
    When I woke up rescue squad was standing over me and saw a note I put on my apartment door to call 911, and they took the journal with me to ER and callled doctor and told him what I’d done so now I have no way to manage my pain.
    It wants me to hurt and suffer.
    I’ve already found myself cutting my neck, several times with dirty needle only to heal within 3 days.
    I need help
    I’m repenting of sin from my past, & remebetkmg things I had done that allowed me to be severely oppressed.
    But I didn’t realize till after I had this surgery and feel. Evative forces all around and in me
    Please help me know what to do or is it too late

    • Beth, it’s never too late sister! What you need to try too remember is how and when did you open those doors to the demonic. In my walk with the Lord I’ve come across Christians whom in time opened doors because of certain things they done. Believe me sister, sometimes Christians need deliverance. My advice to you will be to 1st of all, renounce suicide , repent and hopefully you attend a Church that operate in the gifts of the Spirit. “DEREK PRINCE IS A PHENOMENAL AUTHOR AND TEACHER”
      One of his books is entitled “HOW TO EXPELL DEMONS” P/U to understand more about Demonic oppression and Possession. Powerful book.
      I Pray that the Lord will guide every step that you take and help you find a believing Powerful Church that is equip to exercise The Holy SPIRIT Authority..
      God bless you and continue to trust in the Lord..

    • Beth, my name is Beth as well. I truly believe that saturation of God’s word will make a huge difference because Satan and his evil demons cannot stand against God’s word. Jesus proved that by using God’s word when Satan was trying to tempt him. My husband suffers from depression and from time to time it overwhelms him. I have suggested to him at least three times in the 34 years we have been married that he consult with a spiritual counselor. He always tells me it is clinical and that has nothing to do with it. I am convinced that if he saturated himself with God’s word and let go of some things from his past the depression may not totally go away because I feel like part of it is chemical but I know without a shadow of a doubt he would be better. Many times how we think effects what our body does so yes I know it must be chemical partly but like I said I believe much of it is spiritual. I will start praying for you that God will heal you.

      • Hi am also Joshua from Ghana West Africa ..pls am also under the same attack oppression and sometimes I feel in me that another entity wants to control me but I try to take charge over myself ..pls I need a deliverance ..God bless you

      • My name is Oscar molina Jr I have been battling voices in my mind everyday for nine years they are the devil and jezabelle and others who call themselves legion. I consider myself to be a born again Christian as of three years now. I have experienced things like greatforcessss of winds wherever I go that follow me. Also when I look up to the sky I see a white Dove right above me this happens regular especially when I feel alone or thinking about God! Also notice slot of bird around me once I saw a big white bird and a black one going in circles as if they were fighting right above me. There is slot that I have experienced in these nine years. God bless everyone

    • To Beth and all seeking answers. I realize some of these comments are old as I just come across them thru an article in things I was researching.
      But those who believe they’re oppressed or even believe u may be possessed, u can always reach out to me thru email with your questions and concerns at aporter824444@gmail.
      However,if you’re trying to get rid of these demons on your own, all u have to do is FIRST seek the kingdom of God. Read His word and pray DAILY. WORSHIP HIM FIRST THING IN MORNING. This is big,as God loves it when we worship Him in songs and praises. Sing a new anything that is glorifying Him.
      Then go in your secret place, (bedroom, closet, etc) wherever u can get alone with God. Then ask Him to show u any and everything that u need to ask for forgiveness. This includes any unforgiveness u may have with someone who did u wrong. Even forgiving yourself and asking for forgiveness of all that u have done wrong. Ask Him to show u all the sins u have committed and need need to repent for. When He shows u, (and this could take awhile, depending on how much sins one has committed.) repent from it. Repenting means turning away from that very sin, and doing it nomore.) If u happen to slip up, as we all have a time or 2 before, soon as God convicts u or u remember what u did is wrong, go and pray asking for forgiveness again with a sincere repentant heart. God knows if you’re truly sincere or not, and if not, then how can God really forgive u?
      Also remember if we don’t forgive others,God will NOT forgive us of our sins. This doesn’t mean we forget either. But this step is very important. Jealousy, hate, anger, rage, resentment, all these things that one holds onto, the longer u hold onto it, the more this grows in your heart to the point it will turn to bitterness. Your heart will be hardened and turn to a heart of stone. This is a demon that I believe is called the python which begins to wrap itself around ones body. And the more ones heart grows cold toward an individual, the more your heart will hardened, u will turn away from God, be disobedient, sin, and the more this demon (python) will wrap itself around your body in the spirit until its fully wrapped around your entire body in then which it will begin to start squeezing. This is where physical pain and such come into play. And I know some may not want to hear this, but these ph@rmaceutic@l comp@nies are none other than witchcraft! It is ALL witchcraft! God showed me this as I got sick and woke up in middle of night immediately wanting to take an ibuprofen but I heard God telling me loud and clear NO! And then told me how it’s all witchcraft and what all they do with these medications before disturbing them out. Anyhow, many people are taking meds for one reason or another. This is where and how alot of demons get inside one, and actually will cause many other problems for that person AND leads to more demons. With that said,I’m most certainly not saying that’s where it all starts cuz it doesn’t. Some are thru curses, and generational curses. People can have a demon attached to them from the womb. Buy no matter how or where it comes from, we need to pray renouncing and denouncing them. Break and sever all ties, including soul ties, and contracts with the enemy, any agreements thru u or be generational down thru your bloodline. After doing all this, ask God to show u if there’s left that u need to get rid of. Also, some can only come out thru much prayer and fasting. So fasting would be a great idea in doing this.
      I know this is alot, but I hope this helps some of u, even if it be one person. Oh, and please be very careful of these big mega/prosperity churches like Joel Osteen, Joyce Myer, Derrick Prince or whatever his name is that I seen mentioned above. MANY MANY of these people and more are none other than WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHING. And I say this out of love for u brothers and sisters as I know we’re all on this journey together at different levels. Some are still what we call baby Christians who are still new in their walk and there’s nothing wrong with that, but once u grow in your walk and faith, God starts to give u the meat and will show u these wolves. U will start to discern and if you’re truly Holy Spirit filled, He will ALWAYS show u the TRUTH.
      If any of u have any other questions or concerns, u can again reach out to me thru email at aporter824444@gmail.

  4. I went to narcanon a rehab which is Scientology unknowingly in 2001. Was in a trance state while there. All senses were highlighted. In 2017 I started 3rd eye meditation. I stopped after 6 months when I could barely breathe. I experienced euphoria all through my body twice. Once I realized it wasn’t from Our Lord I stopped. In 2018 I started having for knowledge of things I thought I was walking in my calling. About 16 months ago I became under such demonic attacks I couldn’t stand it. The stimulation in forehead don’t stop. Feels like someone else looking out of my eyes. I see the same numbers everywhere I dream things they happen. Feels like I’m controlled every where. Not sure if it’s possession or oppression, but I’m fighting for my life. I’m in church. My radio will change to different dates that bother me when I get there. I’m a conductor for railroad and currently off on short term Dissability. There were a few times when at church at alter I laughed prob about 14 years old then at prob 18 laughed at people speaking in tongues. I didn’t know anything about blasphemy of the Holy Ghost. I went through a lot of trauma from about 9 throughout most my young life. I have forgiven all so I don’t want to bring all that up. I appreciate prayers and any information. Thanks.

  5. Hi, names Marco and I’ve been dealing with demonic (oppression/possession) for the last couple of years or so. I clearly hear and sometimes argue with demonic voices ALL DAY, EVERY day! It never stops. From the time I get up out of bed to the time I go to sleep and especially at night in my dreams. I’m constantly being tormented and harrassaded and by this thing(s). At first it presented itself as something holy and good and tricked me into thinking it was God Himself talking to me, or Jesus, or the voice of The Holy Spirit, or another “good” angel sent to “test” or “instruct” or “guide” me. Not rhe case. All its done is cause chaos and destruction in my life. I’ve been searching for deliverance and continue to do so. Been relying heavily on God and His help, and I choose to believe He’s there and He’s helping, just don’t know to what extent. Another thing this thing expertly does is constantly tricking me to thinking I’m receiving some kind of heavenly/divine help or guidance and then its just this thing. I have no peace, no joy, no nothing really. Just a bleak existence. I have moments of happiness here and there when the voices and the images go away, thanks to God, but they always come back and always come crashing. Can any human person help before I finish destroying my entire family apart? Please help!?…

    • Hey Marco have been going through the same situation and right now have help from a man of God.
      Look for a church under the influence of Holy Spirit.
      All my relationships are messed up due to bad decisions under the control of evil spirit. My best friend has more hatred for me due to the fact that I unintentionally turn down his opportunity to get to the University and all community call me jealous person my family never that happy with me. evil spirits are dangerous seek help from church. God bless you. you are never alone

    • Your story sounds identical to mine. I have the same voices all day every day, and mine blaspheme all day long. So you can imagine what it must be like; a born again Christian who cannot seem to find any deliverance anywhere arguing with spirits all day long. Mine say derogatory things towards me and cause me to think and say derogatory things towards others. It’s a nightmare beyond nightmares because the monster is me and in me, not outside me.

      I don’t know about you, but I’m at the point where I cannot work because of it, and as soon as my savings run out, it’s going to get pretty bleak. The answer that those around me have suggested is to apply for social assistance as having a severe handicap. I know it’s wrong in my heart, because that money should be reserved for people in wheel chairs, and people with real mental illness, not hearing these voices and having demons control what they say and do.

      Yours is actually the first post in almost 5 years of me having this that clearly explains what we go through, so thanks for posting it, even if it’s only on a webpage on the internet. The main problem is that most people think we have a mental illness and not the possession / oppression that we clearly have.

    • Friend I’m going through the same exact thing for 5 years now. I will be praying for you. I know ur pain. I’m so sorry ur going through this as well.

  6. Marco, go to blessedhopechapel.org and reach out to them.

    I also advise you to cry out to Jesus and ask Him if you are truly a born again? Ask Him to show you what you are allowing to come into your life that is allowing the demons to torment you? Sin gives demons a right to attack us. Are you sure you are following the absolute Word of the Bible?

    I mistakenly was reading and accepting false doctrine and I believe lost my salvation for a time. Read the Words in red in the Bible over and over. These are the Words of Jesus in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. These words are the true words to the way of salvation.

    I’m praying for you.

  7. Hey Marco R. God loves you and I believe he wants you delivered thus look for a church under the influence of Holy Spirit. Don’t be ashamed have been through the same situation since childhood and am now 24 devil wants me dead and depressed All time my community hates me cause I unintentionally turned down my best friends opportunity to be in university now I don’t work to redo the done but have faith through prayer God will change things although am always ashamed. God bless you. And if only someone could help me with $7000 to put him back in college then my life will never be the same Amen

  8. Get off the fucken drugs..

  9. However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.” Matthew 17:21

    I suggest you fast and pray until you all feel a release. Get fellow Christian’s to fast with you about it as well. I’ll personally do it with any of you that don’t have anyone else.

    I suggest 3-5 days – fasting diminishes what your flesh wants & is ok with, allowing The spirit of God to not be hindered by your worldly lusts & unbelief. Fasting increases faith. This isn’t just a social media fast this is food, social media, secular music, anything the feeds your fleshly desires.

  10. What About Those Of Us Who Are Being Oppressed Since Childhood ? And Don´t Tell Me Generational Curses, My Mum Who Was Possessed Was Only Abusing Me But Not My Siblings. My Whole Family Hated Me And The Question Is Why Does This Thing Seems To Be Only After Me, Even Right Now As An Adult It Hasn´t Left Me Alone It Now Lives In My Husband Body And As Soon As I Leave The House It Follows Me Everywhere And Takes Over The Bodies Of People On The Streets Or In A Grocery Store And Start To Harass Me. I Can Not Work As I Said It Follows Me Everywhere Even At Work And Starts Its Abuses, I Have Come To Recognise It With Time Because Of Its Facial Expressions Even When It Is Abusing Me It Shows No Shame And Very Hatefull Towards Me

  11. Beautiful day Mary and all,

    I know exactly what everyone is writing about. I use to struggle with this as well. It is a demon like parasite that feeds on all of us. I had it pushed out permanently. Music with 528 hertz frequency helps to keep demon at bay. Your energy field needs to be cleared and reset. Anointing oils like frankincense and nard also help.

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