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Differences Between Christain and Jew Sabbat

Christain vs Jew Sabbat

The word ‘shabbat’ is from the Hebrew root ‘shin-beit-Tav’ which means to cease or to rest.

The christain and jewish observance of the shabbat, according to the ten commandments were initially celebrated on the same day, that is the seventh day of the week; saturday. The first christains who came about during the rule of the jews observed the sabbath on the seventh day as per the commandment,-“–Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is a sabbath of the LORD your God; in it you shall not do any work, you or your son or your daughter, your male or your female servant or your cattle or your sojourner who stays with you. For in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, the sea and all that is in them, and rested on the seventh day; therefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day and made it holy. (NAS, Exodus 20:8-11)-” However, after the birth of Jesus which fell on the first day of the week; sunday, it became known as the ‘Lord’s day’ due to its sanctity and holiness and so from then on Christains began to observe sabbath on sundays.

The sabbath as observed by the Jews lasts from sunset to sunset, starting on friday and ending on saturday. In todays world, the christain sabbath is observed on a sunday.

The christain faith, in comparision to that of the Jews does not lay injunctions upon the christain people to follow certain ritualsm it does not prohibit any work or activity either. The jews on the other hand have very stringent rules as to what is permissible and what isn’t. For example, according to rabbinical restrictions any ‘work’ that is of or related to the construction of a building such as ploughing, weeding, sewing, lighting a fire, turning on a bulb, driving a car, travelling a certain distance or delivering a package from one place to another etc. are forbidden. In the jewish sabbath, the followers if the faith are required to leave off all work around sunset of friday and observe complete rest upto the sunset of saturday. According to rabbinical injunctions, it is best to spend time studying and discussing the holy book. Some of the traditions they follow incude lighting candles and reciting a hymn to sanctify wine as well as another hymn to sanctify the sabbath bread called ‘challah’ and various others. These traditions are not prevalent among Christains, but it is encumbent upon them to attend mass for divine service.

Although, according to the commandment, shabbat is not a day for prayer. It is not mentioned in the commandment to pray, supplicate etc., but being a day of divinity, devout Jews pray and feast and rest on this day more than any other. Most jews spend their time in a synogogue generally praying or discussing religion.
It is to be noted that although there is not a lot of emphasis on resting, in christianity, as there is Judaism, there is however a lot more emphasis on prayer and supplication, attending divine service and also reciting the Bible. Again, contrary to Judaism, Christains are at liberty to indulge in any work as long as it is ‘good’ and does not involve any evil. It should not be forgotten though, that the idea behind shabbat whether in christianity or judaism is to rest/relax/leave off work. In the case of christains, leaving off hard work is to make time for divine service, to attend church and spend time in prayer as well as to rest.


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  1. I like your website, however
    I wish to point out an error in the article about differences between Christian and Jewish sabbat:
    The article states that “However, after the birth of Jesus which fell on the first day of the week; sunday, it became known as the ‘Lord’s day’ due to its sanctity and holiness and so from then on Christains began to observe sabbath on sundays.”
    The birth of Jesus being on the first day of the week is something I’ve never heard before. They began to venerate Sunday because it was the (supposed) day of his ressurection. (I personally believe it was on Saturday, but that is another matter). They also did not begin this practice at his birth, but many years after his ressurection

    • christian is spelled christian in every language ive every heard of and i speak quite a few and read dozens more..be blessed

      and its not a JEW sabat its a jewish sabat…

      and over half of all christAINS practice the sabat-h on, saturday just as the traditional jewish do… they are called catholics

      they are the largest branch of christianity with over 1.2 billion..and many protestants denominations practice this also maybe another 200 million

      and most christians do have certain sabat-h rules they live by also

      be blessed

      • Your surely not with wisdom cause Catholic is not a form or a branch but a stubborn of catholic faith and church that’s way there the mother church not the son but a adoption

  2. Catholics can and do celebrate sabat on Saturdays for the convenience of their parishioners. However they consider Sunday their true sabat. Some go to Mass every day but Sunday is their true “day of rest” Those who celebrate Saturday as their tru sabat are Seventh Day Adventists. Their enrollment is much smaller but none the less powerful for their members.

    • roman catholics, the vast majority, venerate Saturday as the sabath..sunday as the first day of the month and also as resurrection day..sorry..no way

  3. Thank you for the healthy discourse as I’m learning much from it.

    I’m a Christian by birth who was the one lost from the 99 (although more accurately stated as a prodigal) and found by the grace, mercy, forgiveness, and love of God. As I’m walking closer in Him and deeper into his ocean of the living sea I’ve become a bit of a sponge in seeking and learning all I can on my journey and your posts are a part of that.

    I also have been on a binge watching journey for movies and videos related to the Bible and Christ which include the ongoing series “The Chosen” that has reached and touched me in ways I’ve not experienced before. Since watching it, I am growing in my learned seeking of Judaism as Jesus was a Jew. The Shabbat/Sabbath is of particular interest in the practices and intentions of the Holy day as an expression and extension of faith, belief, observance, and followership in order to deepen in my relationship and love for and in Him.

    I shared the background as I wanted to express thanks for the discourse and my personal appreciation for sharing knowledge on the topic as I am blessed in and through it.

    Shalom Shalom.

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