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Ever since Henry Ford invented the Model T, cars have been an essential part of our everyday lives. They take us wherever we want to go, day in and day out. Two major automobile makers are competing for the top position in the market today – Honda and Chevrolet – with both sporting their respective flagship cars, the Honda Civic and the Chevrolet Cobalt. Many people have these two fantastic cars in mind, but are having trouble deciding which one to pick. Therefore, it is only logical to do a head-to-head between the two cars, so that consumers may know the difference between the two, and, in the end, make a purchasing decision.

Below are relevant aspects of the cars, where the two are similar, or differ, and hopefully provides the relevant information a consumer may need to make the purchase:


This is number one question almost all potential car buyers will ask, right off the bat. People want their cars to feel nimble and fast; they do not want to feel like they’re driving a big `ol brick! When it comes to both the Civic and the Cobalt, they handle roughly the same in and out of tight corners, and both have the same turning radius.


This is where the Chevy Cobalt has the upper hand. The Cobalt has a much bigger engine compared to the Civic. Its torque is just about the same as its acceleration, and so in this respect, the Cobalt is much faster than the Honda Civic. However, keep in mind that having a much smaller engine also entails having a much better gas mileage, so keep that in mind when deciding which car to buy.


Both the Civic and the Cobalt have the same advantages in terms of seating capacity.


The Honda Civic’s front cabin has more headroom than the Chevrolet Cobalt, but honestly, it isn’t much. The ampler design and ergonomics of the Civic allows for more space for the passengers than the Cobalt.


And lastly, the most important aspect of all that must always be considered, the price. When purchasing a car from a car dealership there is always a standard charge for transporting the car from its origin to the dealership. For both the Civic and the Cobalt, it costs roughly the same. Regarding the mileage, the Honda Civic has a better mileage compared to the Chevrolet Cobalt due to its smaller engine, but not by a large margin. Regarding MSRP, the Civic costs more than the Cobalt.


1. The Honda Civics’ front cabin has more headroom than the Chevrolet Cobalt.

2. The Chevrolet Cobalt is much cheaper than a Honda Civic.

3. The Cobalt has a much bigger engine compared to the Civic.

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