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Difference Between Civic and S2000

The Civic and the S2000 are two cars that are both from Honda. These two cars are very popular despite being very different. The main difference between the Civic and the S2000 is their main design. The S2000 is a roadster, which focuses more on looks and experience rather than practicability. On the other hand, the Civic is more of a family car. Although interest in the general public has spawned a variety of mods and several upgraded variants, the general design of the Civic is still unchanged.

For starters, the S2000 offers a lot more horsepower for a sportier and more responsive feel; somewhere around 240 horsepower, depending on the actual model. Most Civics have more practical engines with under less than 200 horsepower to offer but will consume less gas to get you from point A to point B.


The S2000 is a roadster while the Civic is meant to be a family car

The S2000 has a way more powerful engine than Civics

The S2000 is a RWD while the Civic is a FWD

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