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GT vs Cobra

The GT and Cobra are two cars from the American auto maker, Ford. They are very much the same with just the right differences in key areas making the Cobra a more powerful machine. The biggest difference between the two is in the amount of brake horsepower that they are able to put out. The numbers may be different with new batches but the fact still holds that the Cobra has more horses than the GT.

There are a number of factors that contribute to make the Cobra’s engine more powerful, one of which is the number of valves it has per cylinder. The Cobra has 4, two for the intake and two for the exhaust, while the GT only has two, one for each. Double the number of valves means it can burn more fuel and air together to provide more power to the wheels.

Another difference is in the material that was used to make the engine block. The engine block of the Cobra was made out of aluminum while that of the GT is made out of cast iron. Cast iron is much heavier compared to aluminum and the engine block of the GT is almost twice as heavy as the engine block of the Cobra. The extra weight slows the GT down and makes it harder to turn quickly in sharp turns due to the momentum of the added weight.

The redline RPM of the Cobra is also much higher compared to that of the GT. This allows the Cobra to accelerate more before needing to shift gears. It also means that the Cobra can stay maxed out at a much higher RPM. Resulting in more horsepower output and better top speed.

The Cobra has ended production in 2004 and you can only get one from a previous owner. The GT is still under production and new models are still coming out every year with performance improvements and cosmetic changes.


1. The Cobra is able to put out more brake horsepower compared to the GT

2. The Cobra has 4 valves per cylinder while the GT only has two valves per cylinder

3. The engine block of the Cobra is made out of aluminum while that of the GT is made out of cast iron

4. The Cobra has a higher redline compared to the GT

5. Production of the Cobra has ended in 2004 while the GT is still in production today

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