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motorbike_yz1FZ1 vs FZ6

With a muscular frame, powerful engine and stylish look, the Yamaha motorbikes are widely preferred on the roads. Well, they have come up with many variations, including the Yamaha FZ1 and FZ6. Both these bikes have demanded attention with their stylish looks and powerful engines. The FZ1 and FZ6 have their own specialties.

While the FZ1 hit the roads from 2001, the FZ6 hit the roads from 2004. When looking at the price, the FZ1 is priced a bit higher than that of the FZ6. When comparing the performance and the specifications, both the bikes are top class.

While the FZ1 Yamaha bikes can reach a speed of 154 miles per hour, the FZ6 Yamaha bikes can reach a speed of 130 miles per hour. When comparing the engines, the Yamaha FZ1 has a 998 cc four-cylinder engine, and the FZ6 comes with a 600 cc, 4-cylinder, 16 valve engine. The FZ1 has 20 valves, and the FZ6 has 16 valves.

When talking of horsepower, the Yamaha FZ1 comes with 141 at 9,500 rpm, and the Yamaha FZ6 comes with 98 at 12,000 rpm. The torque of the FZ1 stands at 78 lbs. at 7500 rpm, and that of the FZ6, stands at 46.53 lbs. at 10,000 rpm.

Another difference that can be seen between the FZ1 and the FZ6, is their power to weight ratio. In regards to mileage, the FZ6 has the upper hand to that of the FZ1. While the FZ6 manages 40 miles per gallon, the FZ1 can only manage 35 miles per gallon. In regards to fuel capacity as well, the FZ6 holds more fuel compared to the FZ1. The fuel tank of the FZ6 holds 19.4 l, and the FZ1 only 18 l.

Another difference can be seen in the chassis as well. Where the FZ1 chassis is aluminum die cast, and diamond shaped, the FZ6 has an aluminum diamond shaped chassis.

In length, width and height, the FZ1 and the FZ6 have differences. Where the length of the FZ1 is 2,140 mm, the length of the FZ6 is 2,095 mm. Regarding the width, the FZ1 is 750 mm. The FZ6 (1,060mm) is slightly higher than the FZ1 (1,210mm).

While the Yamaha FZ6 comes in extreme yellow, graphite and midnight black colors, the FZ1 comes in competition white, viper blue and midnight black colors.


1. The FZ1 is priced a bit higher than the FZ6.

2. The Yamaha FZ1 comes with a 998 cc four-cylinder engine, and the FZ6 comes with a 600 cc, 4 cylinder, 16 valve engine.

3. With regards to mileage, the FZ6 has the upper hand.

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  1. your comparison is spot on, except I believe the top speed of the FZ6 is alittle higher, around 135 to 139

  2. I get 45mpg highway and about 40 commuting on my FZ1.

  3. You have some mistakes. One mistake would be the FZ6 max speed, i have already reached 240Km/h on my FZ6 S2, and the chasis is even more advanced than the one on the FZ1, is aluminum DIE CAST with NO SOLDERING involved, not aluminum diamon shapped, it is die cast.

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