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Difference Between Jaguar XJR and XJ8

Jaguar XJR vs XJ8

The leaping Jaguar insignia found on all Jaguar cars evokes a feeling of both power and elegance. This is very evident in the XJ series, which is a luxury saloon that serves as the flagship model for the company. It comes in a variety of trim models like the XJR and the XJ8. The main difference between the XJR and XJ8 trim models is their placement on the tier. The XJR is the top of the line trim and it costs significantly more than the XJ8 model and the other models beneath it. Of course, as a higher trim level, the XJR has a number of things that are not available on the XJ8.

The most major difference between the XJR and the XJ8, aside from the price tag of course, is the supercharged engine of the XJR. Although they basically have the same engine, that of the XJ8 is only naturally aspirated and doesn’t have a supercharger. A supercharger forces a much larger volume of air into the combustion chamber allowing more fuel to be burned as well and burned completely. This lets the engine produce more power with each stroke and directly translates to more horsepower at the same displacement. Given that the XJR produces more power than the XJ8, its cooling system has also been modified to cope with the additional heat generated by the engine. It has a stronger fan and the cooling pipes have been rerouted a little to maintain optimal routing with the added parts.

When it comes to the individual non-performance parts in the interior and exterior of the vehicles, the XJR also has the upper hand. Everything that only comes as a premium option for the XJ8 already comes as standard in the XJR. The actual features may vary from model to model, but this general rule holds true for the XJR and the XJ8. You can also choose among the options available for the XJR that are not available on the XJ8.


  1. The Jaguar XJR is a more expensive model than the XJ8
  2. The Jaguar XJR has a supercharged V8 engine while the Jaguar XJ8 has a naturally aspirated V8 engine
  3. The Jaguar XJR has an improved cooling system than the XJ8
  4. The options in the Jaguar XJ8 come as standard in the Jaguar XJR

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  1. I was considering buying an xjr with a blown engine and swapping the supercharger and Ecu on to an xj8 is that a reasonable swap?


  2. Question is the sunroof the same size for both xjr and xj8 or is it different.

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