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car_gt_pdGT vs. GTP

GT, in the simplest terms, is the Italian version of magnificence on wheels. This high performance luxury car comes in variable forms, like the BMW coupe, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Mercedes, and many more. Unlike the small sports cars that rely mainly on speed, GT cars encompass not only speed, but also class and comfort.

Just like its Italian name, ‘grand tourer’ or ‘gran turismo’, this car absolutely woos people with its suave body, and fantastic speed and acceleration thanks to its 3.8 liter engine with excellent horse power of up to 200hp. However, make sure you do not hit too hard on the GT gas pedal, as the 3.8 liter engine can make the tires squeal if you do that!

If you are looking for luxury within a budget, then the GTP, or aptly called as ‘Grand Touring Performance’, is the apt car model for you. Unlike the GT model, GTP car models have a supercharged, high performance engine that produces tons of horse power (260 hp), that allows you to drive with great control, speed and excellent mileage. The easy view of a speed display allows you to control your speed when you have entered an area with speed limits, thereby saving you from speed tickets. The GTP car model also has an oil life indicator, which can be a great relief. Ignoring the heavy doors, the GTP offers a very smooth drive. The GTP car model makes use of Eaton superchargers, belonging to the fifth generation, that immensely boost power.

Although the GTP has a great supercharged engine, it greatly reduces the gas mileage, as well as, your money! You can have the benefits of speed with the GT car at a lower price when compared to the supercharged GTP car. Moreover, GT offers more space to sit when compared to the GTP. Except for the price and engine type, both GT and GTP car models are fairly identical.

To summarize, here are a few differences between the GT and GTP:

1. GT is an abbreviated term for ‘Grand Touring’, whereas GTP is an abbreviated term for ‘Grand Touring Performance’.

2. The GT car model has a 3.8 liter engine, whereas the GTP car model has an eaton supercharged engine.

3. The GT car engine produces around 200 hp of power, whereas the GTP car engine produces around 260 hp of power.

4. The supercharged engine of the GTP provides excellent speed and acceleration over the GT. However, the gas mileage for the GTP reduces when compared to the GT.

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