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Difference Between Nissan Teana and Honda Accord

honda-accordHonda Accord vs. Nissan Teana

A car by any other name is still a car. This holds true for most car manufacturers, because they often resort to giving a certain car a different name, depending on the country in which it is sold just because its name doesn’t sound right for that particular place. One car company, notorious for doing this, is Nissan Motors, and here we have an example in the form of the Nissan Teana, which is sold in Japan by that name, but is rebadged as the Nissan Altima in countries outside Asia, such as the UK, US and Australia.

Being a midsized sedan with front-wheel drive, it belongs to the same category as the reigning midsize category champ – the Honda Accord. Thus, it is only proper that we compare both cars to see which one can give the best value for money.

The Nissan Teana, depending on what country it is marketed, has a starting price of $19,900 for the base model, and for that you get 2.5L inline-4 engine, with a 4-speed continuously variable automatic transmission, that transmits 175 horsepower at 5600rpm to the front wheels. This engine has a fuel economy rating of around 27 mpg, despite the fact that it is a tad heavier than the Accord, weighing in at 3295lbs. Its heft is supported by 205/65 sized tires on 16-inch rims.

Four-wheel ABS with brake assist, stability control, and airbags are just some of the standard safety features you will find in the Teana.

Moving on to the Honda Accord, it starts with the entry level LX, which has a 2.4L inline-4 that is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission gearbox, and produces 177 horsepower at 6,500rpm. This 4-cylinder engine gives a fuel economy of 25 mpg for both city and highway driving. It has a lighter curb weight of 3230 lbs., which is supported by 16-inch alloy wheels wrapped in 215/60 All-Season tires. As with the Nissan, its safety features include 4-wheel ABS on ventilated disc brakes, loads of airbags and an excellent crash test rating. Honda’s suggested retail price for this entry level trim starts at $21,765.

One must remember though, that all these numbers are for the entry-level models only, for both car manufacturers. Things get a bit more upscale, more competitive and pricier as you go up the different trim levels. The Accord offers three different trim levels, namely, the base LX, the upgraded EX, and the top of the line EX-L, which offers premium features, such as leather upholstery and an optional navigation system.

Meanwhile, the Nissan Teana is offered in three trims, namely, the base 200XL, the upgraded 250XL with the 182hp 2.5L V6 engine, and the top-end 350XV with the 251hp 3.5L V6 engine, which is complete with the luxurious amenities one would usually find in a European spec vehicle.

However, what definitely stands out for the Nissan Teana, is its ride quality, which is surprisingly close to that of the more expensive Mercedes Benz. With features such as a luxurious cabin, excellent ride quality and an affordable price, the Teana passes the Accord by a whisker.

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  1. Nissan has a history and tradition of excellence. Honda is just trying to budge-in to take away that from Nissan. But Nissan will prove to be the victorious one in the end. Hondas are cheap copy-cat who was even trying to have an x-deal with Isuzu for their diesel technology. Cheap!

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