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Difference Between Honda Accord and Toyota Corolla

corollaHonda Accord vs Toyota Corolla

Comparing the Honda Accord and Toyota Corolla, we can see right away that the Corolla is much cheaper than the Accord. We can probably attribute this largely to the big difference in the engine. The engine of the Accord can put out around 177 horsepower while that of the Corolla is only capable of 132 horsepower. This translates directly to speed and acceleration. Correspondingly, the Corolla only has a 4 speed transmission while the Accord has a 5 speed transmission installed. But the Corolla might be better to those who are concerned about fuel consumption as it gets around 27mpg on city streets and 35mpg on highways. A lot better compared to the 21mpg and 31mpg respectively of the Accord. The Corolla also has a smaller fuel tank at 13.2 gallons compared to the Accord’s 18.5 gallon capacity.

The Corolla has a trip computer that is commonly used to keep track of certain data that relates to the car and the trips that you take. Data like mileage, distance traveled, and fuel consumption from the trip computer is more accurate and usable that what you traditionally get from your dashboard. The Avalon doesn’t have this extra piece of hardware.

You can also get a lot of exterior options on the Corolla that you cannot get on the Avalon. This includes a body kit, rear spoiler, and an underbody spoiler or diffuser. These add-ons only serve to improve the looks of the car and do little or nothing to improve performance.

A bit more extra on the Accord that you can’t get on the Corolla are the 4-wheel disc brakes that allow you to stop within a shorter distance, which is pretty handy in emergency cases. You can also control the windows and the roof of the Accord remotely.

1. The Corolla is cheaper than the Accord
2. The Corolla has a much weaker engine than the Accord
3. The Corolla has a 4 speed transmission while the Accord has a 5 speed
4. The Corolla has better fuel economy than the Accord
5. The Corolla has a smaller fuel tank than the Accord
6. The Corolla has a trip computer while the Accord doesn’t
7. You can get exterior options with the Corolla that you can’t get with the Accord
8. The Accord has 4-wheel disc brakes along with remote controls while the Corolla doesn’t

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