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Difference Between Toyota Camry SE and Camry LE

Toyota Camry SE vs Camry LE

The Camry is one of Toyota’s best selling cars in North America, Australia, and Southeast Asia. Aside from the standard Camry, there are two very popular variants; the SE and LE; these stands for sports edition and luxury edition respectively, with the SE costing over a thousand dollars more than the LE. So let’s see what you get for the additional grand.

For starters, the SE has 17 inch wheels while the LE has 16 inch wheels. Having bigger wheels give the SE a sportier look than the LE. In terms of performance, there is really none as the two have equivalent engines and transmissions. They are equal in terms of horsepower, speed, acceleration, and even mileage.

To add to the sporty look, there are also several add-ons to the exterior of the Camry SE. It has dual exhaust pipes that are chromed to reinforce the look. It also has color-keyed underbody spoilers for the front and rear as well as side rocker panels. The integrated fog lamps of the SE not only add to the looks but are also quite helpful when travelling in areas of poor visibility.

Inside the SE, the sporty theme continues with the 3 spoke steering wheel that is wrapped in leather. The seats are also fabric-trimmed and the doorsills and foot pedals are made out of aluminum. And lastly, the Camry SE has sporty Optitron meters that are hued in blue.

Basically, what you are getting with the SE or LE is just the same car. The SE just adds a few flourishes that give it a sportier feel without truly providing performance in the form of added horsepower, better transmission, suspension, and such. For both models, users can choose between a 2.5L manual, 2.5L automatic, or the larger 3.5L V6 engine coupled to an automatic transmission.


1.The SE is the sports edition while the Camry is the luxury edition
2.The SE has 17 inch wheels while the LE has 16 inch wheels
3.The SE has dual chromed exhaust while the LE doesn’t
4.The SE has underbody spoilers and side panels while the LE doesn’t
5.The SE has integrated fog lamps while the LE doesn’t
6.The SE has a multitude of aesthetic add-ons to the interior that the LE doesn’t have

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