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Difference Between Cadillac CTS and Cadillac STS

cadillac-pdCadillac CTS vs. Cadillac STS

Note: This article deals strictly with the latest CTS (2008) and the latest STS (2006), and does not discuss the differences between the CTS-V and STS-V; where the STS-V is, in fact, the faster and more sportier car.

Cadillac is known for its superiority and class, and the CTS and STS are no exceptions. At a glance, the cars appear to be fairly similar (to the inexperienced eye) in terms of the characteristic Cadillac signatures, including, the vertical headlights and tail-lamps, attention to interior features, and the overall shapes of these classic vehicles. Both cars aim to achieve high levels of performance and stylishness.

The discerning eye, however, begins to observe the marked dissimilarities which separate the two into different classes, into which each was intended. Firstly, we consider the exterior. The STS sports a mini spoiler, quickly identifying itself as a smoother ride, and a performance-based vehicle. The CTS grill is exceptionally more vertical than the trademark Cadillac’s, which is a testament to its luxury-based appeal, to make a blend between modern style and the original classicism.

In addition, materials of the two automobiles vary in both engines and wheels. The engines are highly alike in most aspects, but there is a notable divergence with both block material and cylinder material. The CTS engine is made from sand-cast aluminum, while that of the STS is made from cast aluminum and semi-permanent mold aluminum, respectively.

In regards to the wheel material, the CTS wheels are made from an alloy metal, while the STS wheels have their smaller wheels made from cast aluminum, and the bigger ones made from flow-formed aluminum.

In terms of velocity, despite the STS’s reputation as the generally faster sedan, according to specifications on the Cadillac website, the CTS hits a maximum speed of 7200 rpm, harnessing six-speed capabilities; while the STS 2006 approaches 6700 rpm, with only five accessible speeds.

Conclusively, the cars are clearly identifiable by two main categories ‘“ the exterior, which considers overall appearances, as well as, wheel and engine materials, and their performance in terms of maximum velocity. Following these guidelines, even the inexperienced consumer can seem knowledgeable about these remarkable sedans.

1. While both the Cadillac CTS and STS aim to express their roles as performance and luxury vehicles, the CTS is targeting a market searching for elegance and magnificence, by virtue of its exterior appearance, while the STS aims towards groups that seek to be identifiable as sporty and performance oriented.

2. Top speeds achieved by each see the CTS as the frontrunner, with six gears, as opposed to the latest STS, which only contains five.

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