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Difference Between Honey Comb 3.0 and Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0

Honey Comb 3.0 vs Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0

The Honey Comb 3.0 was introduced in the year 2011 and later in the year another OS named Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 was introduced. Both were released in the same year, so there are more similarities with a few differences which are discussed.

The Android 3.0 comes up with the UI, which is used for the tablet and it is first OS from the Android versions used by tablets. Its UI was designed in the 3D design, which made the UI a lot more attractive and the lock pattern was a outer ring lock pattern. The 4.0 version comes up with a lot of improvements with the UI with a facial recognizer as a lock pattern.

The version 3.0 was introduced more with the view of the tablet and had the Google talk/video chat application that was introduced in this version, and the Google e-book was also available in this version. The web browser also saw a new concept of private browsing allowing users to have a personal search without being saved anywhere in the server. The HTTP line streaming is also available in the 3.0 version while the 4.0 comes up with the web browser that can have up to 16 tabs. The update launcher was also revamped in this version.

The voice recognizer, which is a most sought feature of the 4.0 version, was a competitor to the SIRI but was not in the Android 3.0. The Android 3.0 had a fast scroll and good responsive web pages and quick access to camera from the lock screen.

Folders can be created on drag and drop style in the Android 4.0 and the copy/paste facility was faster in the Android 4.0 compared to the 3.0.
The camera was very much improved compared to 3.0 in the 4.0 and the applications can be closed easily in the 4.0 and multiple applications can be opened at the same time in the 4.0.

The applications can be shared through NFC in the 4.0 but it was not present in the Android 3.0 and the OS was very responsive compared to the 3.0.

To summarize the discussion:

The 3.0 version is introduced with the main aim to be tablet compatible
The 3.0 comes up with 3D UI but the 4.0 has better UI with easy drag and drop facility
The 3.0 has ring lock pattern while the 4.0 had the facial recognizer as a lock pattern
The Google talk and e-book applications were inbuilt in the 3.0
The private browser was introduced in 3.0 while in 4.0 16 tabs can be opened in the browser along with the private browsing
The App exchange using NFC was introduced in the 4.0

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