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Difference Between PS Vita and Nintendo Switch

The Switch was a big hit when Nintendo launched its latest offering back in 2017. Despite its shortcomings, the Nintendo Switch remains a worthwhile buy, even in 2022. And the closest thing it has to any kind of competition in the gaming marketplace is the PlayStation Vita which Sony released in 2012. In many ways, both these gaming consoles share similar characteristic features, but they offer very distinct experiences. Let’s take a look how.

PlayStation Vita

The PS Vita was a handheld gaming console developed and marketed by Sony. It was released to the general public in 2012. It has the ability to lay user much throughout the system menu and games and to stream audio and video directly from a PS3 or PS4 console for remote play. Sony designed the Vita to compete with the mobile smartphone market. But starting 2021, Sony discontinued the PS Vita line. 

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo released the Switch in 2017. The Switch is still one of the Nintendo’s best selling handheld consoles yet, blending the flexibility of a home console with a handheld device in one device. The Switch runs off of a custom Nvidia Tegra X1 system on a chip. In addition, the Switch has some pretty great tricks under its sleeves, such as detachable Joy-Cons, find lost controllers, plug and play with USB, lock console in sleep mode, and much more.

Difference between PS Vita and Nintendo Switch


– Considering the Switch released much later than the Vita, it has relatively better features. While both boast quad core processor, the Vita is a unique handheld device that features dual analog sticks which was a first for its time, the standard face buttons, a rear touchpad, and six axis accelerometers and motion sensors. The Switch features a tablet like design with removable and rechargeable controllers and the device can be docked to output the screen to your 4K ultra HD television set, which gives you the best of both worlds.


– Talking about display, the PS Vita sports a 5-inch multi-touch capacitive 960 × 544 qHD (220 ppi) display which has always been one of its most beloved features, especially the original PS Vita which boasts a vibrant OLED display. The Nintendo Switch, however, boasts a bigger 6.2 inch 1280 × 720 IPS (237 ppi) display. There is also an even bigger 7-inch Switch which features an OLED panel. So, the Switch is bigger, sharper, and just all-round better.


– Both the systems offer well over a thousand of games with the Switch receiving the latest AAA games from both third-party publishers and of course Nintendo’s own in-house studios. The Switch is an ideal gaming console for smaller games. The PS Vita’s Indie game library is much larger and diverse compared to the Nintendo’s. The best thing about PS Vita is the Remote Play of PS4 games. On top of that, the Vita can play both PS1 and PSP games. The Switch’s best-selling point is that it can be docked to output the games to your TV.

PS Vita vs. Nintendo Switch: Comparison Chart


Both are great handheld gaming devices, and both pack some clever tricks under their sleeves. The best thing about the PS Vita is that it gives you access to Sony’s huge and amazing library of games, including some of their best exclusive titles. The forms factor does stand out as well. It just fits perfectly in the palm of your hands. The Nintendo Switch is not that discreet or small, but the best thing about it is you can dock it in and output whatever game you’re playing into a bigger display, like your TV. Also, the PS Vita wins in the price area. In a nutshell, PS Vita, no matter how good, is the console of the past, whereas the Switch is the console of the future.

Is Switch stronger than PS Vita?

Since Switch came many years after the launch of PS Vita, it does have the upper hand. It also has a bigger screen and detachable controllers, which is a big plus. Switch is a console of the future, stronger or not.

Can PS Vita run Switch games?

No commercial PS Vita games currently run-on Nintendo Switch.

Is Nintendo Switch better than PlayStation?

Nintendo Switch is a wonderful handheld gaming console, considering the video game industry has seen enormous evolution over the past few decades. The Switch definitely has its advantages over the PS Vita, but not over the other full-fledged PlayStation consoles like the PS4 or the PS5.

Why was PS Vita discontinued?

As the video game industry evolved, new gaming consoles started popping up in the marketplace and people losing interest on the handheld gaming market. People wouldn’t want to spend so much on handheld video games. That is probably why Sony discontinued its infamous PS vita in 2021.

Is PSP more powerful than Switch?

Nintendo Switch is a better portable handheld system whereas the PSP is the better all-rounder. Sony also has a bigger library of games including its own in-house titles. Talking about specs, Switch is relatively powerful than the PSP.

Is the PS Vita worth it in 2022?

Although PS Vita made some strides back then when it was released, but down the line, it lost the market to the bigger full-fledged gaming consoles such as the Xbox, PlayStation 4 and 5, and so on. Sony discontinued the Vita in 2021.

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