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Difference Between Classical and Acoustic Guitar

Classical vs Acoustic guitar

As a musical instrument, the guitar has many physical variations in style. Two quite similar guitars are the classical guitar and the acoustic guitar. Often they are classed as the same guitar, but it is illuminating to discover the wide range of physical differences that separate them.

The classical guitar is available in both half and three quarter sizes and is popular as a beginner guitar for young children. The classical guitar has Nylon strings. These types of strings are less taught enabling the musician to finger pick with ease. Unfortunately, the lower tension causes the strings elasticity to make it harder to tune the guitar to pitch. The nylon strings also cause a decrease in available volume; this makes it harder to express certain types of music on the classical guitar. The sound produced from such a guitar is soft and velvety, more suited to a classical style of music.  You will find that a classical guitar has a light buoyant frame with a wide neck and is much easier to use when learning.

The acoustic guitar is slightly heavier than that of its counterpart. The guitars body is often larger and more rounded in shape. The neck of the guitar is slimmer and suits chord playing to a much better degree. The strings of an acoustic guitar are made of steel. The strings have a much higher tension than that of nylon. Steel strings create a much more powerful sound; they provide the player with ability to play heavy cords and to strum along to songs using their chord repertoire. The steel strings are often hard to finger pluck, therefore a number of musicians will use a plastic or bone pick to pluck out certain notes. Unlike classical guitars, there is a huge variety of acoustic guitars on the market; ranging in size, colour and price.


  1. Classical guitars are suited for children who are just starting out.
  2. Acoustic guitars have steel strings and create a much more powerful sound.
  3. Different styles of music are played on each guitar.
  4. Classical guitars are best suited to finger picking.
  5. Acoustic guitars are hard to finger pick and generally used to strum and play chords.

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