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Difference Between iPhone 4 and Nokia N8

iPhone 4 vs Nokia N8

The iPhone 4 faces another new opponent in the Nokia N8. It is roughly the same size and weight as the iPhone and also features the same functionalities as a multi-touch large screen. The main difference between the two phones is the operating systems that they run. The iPhone runs on the iOS that is developed by Apple for their products while the N8 has the Symbian operating system that is also used mostly by Nokia phones. The iOS may have the edge when it comes to the number and variety of apps but Symbian is already tried and tested when it comes to business applications.

Both phones have the same size screen but that is pretty much their similarity. Apple went with an extremely high resolution of 960×640 for a small device while Nokia choose to go with the more typical 640×360. The higher resolution allows for finer images, whether it’s photos or icons. For Nokia, they decided to go with an AMOLED display rather than an LCD. The AMOLED display consumes less power, has better color reproduction, and is more resistant to direct sunlight. It’s up to the user whether he wants a higher resolution or the superior display.

When it comes to memory, Apple continues with what they’ve done to most of their products. Include a huge amount of internal memory but leaving out any possibility of expansion; in 16GB and 32GB versions. Just like most other smartphones, the N8 has a microSD card slot that can accommodate card sizes of up to 32GB. Don’t worry though, as it also has 16GB of internal memory so you do not have to purchase a memory card if you don’t really need to.

There is a huge difference when it comes to the cameras of both phones. The N8 has a 12 megapixel sensor while the iPhone only has a 5 megapixel sensor. A very high resolution means greater detail in the image taken but it also means that the pictures you take are much bigger in size. But you can scale down the size if you want to.


  1. The iPhone 4 runs the iOS while the N8 uses the Symbian OS
  2. The iPhone 4 has a much higher resolution than the N8
  3. The iPhone 4 uses an LCD display while the N8 uses AMOLED
  4. The iPhone 4 does not have a memory card slot while the N8 does
  5. The iPhone 4 camera has a lower resolution than the N8’s

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