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Difference Between HTC Sensation 4G and T-Mobile G2X

HTC Sensation 4G vs T-Mobile G2X

The Sensation 4G from HTC and G2X from T-Mobile are two of the latest Android phones nowadays. The most obvious difference between the two is the size of their screens. The Sensation 4G has a slightly larger 4.3 inch screen compared to the 4 inch screen of the G2X. Of course, since both phones do maximize the space, the larger screen slightly affects the overall size of the phone. The Sensation is slightly bigger and thicker than the G2X, but the weights are not that far apart to be noticeable.

A major difference between the Sensation 4G and the G2X is their processors. While both are dual core processors, the Sensation 4G’s processor is clocked a little bit higher at 1.2Ghz compared to just 1Ghz for the G2X. The performance difference may not be very noticeable in typical usage, but it is apparent in certain situations. An example is video recording, where both phones are able to record at 1080p. The difference is in the frame rate. The Sensation 4G is able to record at 30fps while the G2X can only reach 24fps. 30fps is desirable since it is simpler to convert to 15fps, the typical frame rate used for web content.

Aside from those mentioned above, the remaining differences are relatively minor. One is the higher resolution of the front facing camera of the G2X. It may not be used much often, but a higher resolution makes it better at those times when you do use it. Another minor difference is with memory. The Sensation 4G has a gigabyte of memory supplemented by an 8GB memory card. In contrast, the G2X already has an ample 8GB of internal storage. On the outset, it seems that the Sensation 4G is better since it has 9GB of total memory. But, if you get a 32GB memory card, the G2X would have 40GB of storage compared to just 33GB for the Sensation 4G.

The Sensation 4G and G2X are pretty close to each other in terms of performance, so the choice should really be down to preference. Have a feel of each phone and choose the one that you are more comfortable with.


1.The Sensation 4G has a slightly larger screen than the G2X
2.The Sensation 4G has a higher clock speed than the G2X
3.The G2X has a higher resolution front facing camera than the Sensation 4G
4.The G2X has more internal memory than the Sensation 4G

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