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Difference Between HTC Sensation and HTC Incredible S

HTC Sensation vs HTC Incredible S

The HTC Sensation is among the first smartphones from HTC to feature dual core processors. Let’s see how it compares to the Incredible S; one of the HTC smartphones that was released just prior to the Sensation. Obviously, the main difference between the Sensation and Incredible S is the dual core processor and improved chipset. This gives the Sensation a significant edge when it comes to running demanding apps as well as running multiple apps at once. The Sensation can handle easily where the Incredible S may start to lag or stutter.

One major effect of a dual core processor is it lets the Sensation record 1080p videos. Crunching 30 1920×1080 images together to create the video takes a considerable amount of processing power, something the Incredible S doesn’t have. That is why the Incredible S uses the lower 720p resolution as it is within its capacity to record. Speaking of cameras, HTC decided to go with the bare minimum when it comes to the front facing camera. The Sensation’s front facing camera is only VGA while that of the Incredible S has a 1.3 megapixel resolution. The secondary camera may not be as important as the primary but a higher resolution would still have been better regardless.

The only noticeable difference between the Sensation and the Incredible S is the slightly larger screen on the Sensation. While the Incredible S already has a large 4 inch screen, the Sensation’s screen is even larger at 4.3 inches. A bigger screen is definitely better for browsing the web or video viewing. But, holding it comfortably might be more of a challenge for those who have small hands.

This last difference is not really specific to the phones but may still be relevant to buyers because the two phones have very limited memory capacities. The Sensation already ships with an 8GB memory card while the Incredible S doesn’t. So if you plan to get the Incredible S, you should also shop for a memory card if you expect to store any media on your phone.


1.The Sensation has a dual core processor while the Incredible S has a single core processor
2.The Sensation can record 1080p video while the Incredible S cannot
3.The secondary camera of the Sensation has a lower resolution than that of the Incredible S
4.The Sensation has a slightly larger screen than the Incredible S
5.The Sensation ships with an 8GB memory card while the Incredible S doesn’t

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