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Difference Between HTC Sensation and HTC Inspire 4G

HTC Sensation vs HTC Inspire 4G

HTC has been a figurative machine gun of Android phones over the last couple of years. Two of their newer models are the Sensation and Inspire 4G. Being just 3 months apart, it seems like there seems to be not a lot different between the two. And it seems that way at first glance. But, the most significant difference between the Sensation and Inspire 4G is under the hood. The Inspire 4G is equipped with the Snapdragon chipset with a 1Ghz processor, which was the cutting edge roughly a year or so ago. But now, single core processors are considered sub-par. The Sensation has the improved Snapdragon chipset with a dual core processor, which is clocked at an even higher 1.2Ghz. The GPU of the chipset has also been improved for faster graphics.

The improved hardware of the HTC Sensation would be surely reflected when using the device as you’d get faster response and less frequent lags. But, the most tangible effect of more processing power is the ability to record videos at a higher resolution. While both the Sensation and Inspire 4G have identical cameras, only the Sensation is able to record 1080p videos. The Inspire 4G is only able to record at 720p as that is what its CPU is capable of.

Other differences between the Sensation and Inspire 4G is the omission of a front facing camera in the latter. This means that only the Sensation, and not the Inspire 4G, can do video calls. The front facing camera can also be used to take vanity shots and in other apps as well.

Lastly, HTC decided that internal memory is not really that important anymore since the memory card provides an ample amount of storage. While the Inspire 4G has 4G of internal memory complemented by an 8GB memory card, the Sensation has to rely more on the 8GB memory card as its internal memory has been downsized to just 1GB.

Of course, with better specs comes an increased price tag. But for a much faster processor, it seems to be worth it.


1.The Sensation has more processing power than the Inspire 4G
2.The Sensation is able to record 1080p video while the Inspire 4G can only record 720p video
3.The Sensation has a front facing camera while the Inspire 4G doesn’t
4.The Inspire 4G has more built-in memory than the Sensation

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