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Difference Between Samsung Galaxy SII and Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy SII vs  Galaxy S

The Samsung Galaxy SII is the most anticipated and worst-kept-secret handset. It is the next evolution of the very successful Galaxy S. Let’s see how the successor compares to the predecessor. For starters, it is easy to see that the Galaxy SII has a slightly bigger screen than the Galaxy S while still retaining the same specs. Despite having a bigger display, and a consequently bigger body to accommodate the display, the Galaxy SII manages to shave a few milligrams from the weight and just over a millimeter from the thickness. Although the weight may not be noticeable, you can feel the thinness of the Galaxy SII in your hand.

Another major difference between the two is the change from a single core A8 processor in the Galaxy S to a dual core A9 processor in the Galaxy SII. A dual core processor aids greatly especially in phones where multitasking is a very common thing. The running applications can be spread evenly across the two cores thereby avoiding congestion and easing the load. Memory has also been upped greatly in the Galaxy SII. Everything has been doubled to 16/32GB models and 1GB of RAM from the Galaxy S 8/16GB models and 512MB of RAM. More RAM is essential to avoid bottleneck. Since the SII has two cores and a doubled storage capacity, it puts the SII on the same footing as the iPhone 4 not to mention the memory card slot for another 32GB maximum.

Camera-wise, the Galaxy S already has an excellent 5 megapixel camera. The Galaxy SII retains the same quality while increasing the resolution to 8 megapixels and finally adding an LED flash for low-light situations. So, basically, you would not notice any difference between photos from either phone unless you print it in a large format or edit it as the SII’s resolution would surely give it an advantage. Being able to shoot in the dark is also a nice addition. With video recording, there is very little to improve on the Galaxy S as it already records at 720p and 30fps. Still, Samsung has decided to do one better and implement 1080p video recording on the Galaxy SII.


1. The Galaxy SII has a bigger screen than the Galaxy S.
2. The Galaxy SII has a dual core processor while the Galaxy S doesn’t.
3. The Galaxy SII has considerably more memory than the Galaxy S.
4. The Galaxy SII has WiFi Direct while the Galaxy S doesn’t.
5. The Galaxy SII has a much better camera than the Galaxy S.
6. The Galaxy SII can record 1080p while the Galaxy S can only record at 720p.

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