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Difference Between Viewsonic Viewpad 4 and Samsung Galaxy S II

Viewsonic Viewpad 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S II

The success of Android is easy to measure with the number of handsets that are being announced from both old and new players. The Galaxy S II is the second version of Samsung’s very popular handset. On the other hand, the Viewpad 4 is from Viewsonic, who are well known for their monitors rather than smartphones. Probably the biggest difference between the Viewpad 4 and the Galaxy S II is their processors. While the Viewpad 4 sports a 1GHz processor similar to what you would find in the older Galaxy S, the Galaxy S II has a dual core processor for roughly double the processing power.

Unlike the 4 in iPhone 4 and the 2 in Galaxy S II, the 4 in Viewpad 4 doesn’t really mean that it is the fourth version. It stands for ‘4 inches,’ as the Viewpad 4 has a 4.1 inch screen. In comparison, the Galaxy S II has a slightly bigger 4.3 inch screen. But aside from the slight size difference, the two are pretty much identical: they offer the same resolution, and both have multi-touch capabilities.

Memory is one area where the Galaxy S II trumps the Viewpad 4. While the Galaxy S II can be purchased in 16 or 32 gigabyte versions, the Viewpad 4 has a paltry 2 GB of internal memory. The Viewpad 4 seems to be relying on the microSD memory card slot for adequate storage. The Galaxy S II also has a microSD memory card slot that can accommodate the highest capacity for SDHC: 32GB.

Any portable device that doesn’t have a camera seems unacceptable nowadays. Both devices fulfill this need with main camera for snapping pics and a secondary camera for video calls and vanity shots. The Galaxy S II wins over the Viewpad 4 in both cases. The Galaxy S II has an 8 megapixel camera and a 1.3 megapixel camera respectively while the Viewpad 4 only has a 5 megapixel camera for the main and a VGA secondary camera.

Keep in mind that these specs are not yet fixed as these are based on early previews of both. The final products when released, probably in Q2 of 2011, may vary slightly.


1. The Galaxy S II has a dual core processor, while the Viewpad 4 has a single core processor
2. The Galaxy S II has a slightly bigger screen than the Viewpad 4
3. The Galaxy S II has a lot more memory than the Viewpad 4
4. The Galaxy S II has a much better camera than the Viewpad 4

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