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Difference Between Samsung Focus and LG Optimus 7Q

Samsung Focus vs LG Optimus 7Q

Windows Phone 7 is a relatively new operating system for smartphones. However, given that is made by the software giant Microsoft, many phone makers are eager to offer it with their products. Two of the phones to have Windows Phone 7 are the Focus from Samsung and LG’s Optimus 7Q. The most noticeable difference between the two is the size and the type of screen used. The Focus has a 4-inch AMOLED display which is significantly better in reproducing colors and has better viewing angles than the 3.5-inch LCD screen of the Optimus 7Q.

Another major difference between the Optimus 7Q and the Focus is the slide-out QWERTY keyboard of the former. A QWERTY keyboard makes it a lot easier to type out long messages as it has keys you can feel with your fingers and provides tactile feedback when you press them. The Focus only relies on the on-screen keyboard and can be relatively slow as you need to be mindful of what you are pressing.

As a result of having a QWERTY keyboard, and despite its smaller screen, the Optimus 7Q is a bulkier phone. It might seem like the smaller phone up front, but you will see the difference when you actually handle the phones. The Optimus 7Q is about 50 per centheavier than the Focus and about 50 per cent thicker as well. For those who like to keep their phones in their pants, the Focus is certainly the better choice between the two.

The last difference between the Optimus 7Q and the Focus is in the internal memory. The Focus has the lesser of the two with only 8GB, but the user has the option of putting in a microSD memory card. Although the Optimus 7Q has 16GB of internal memory, the lack of a memory card slot means that you are basically stuck with what it has and there is no room for expansion.

In terms of performance, you should expect the same exact thing as they are both powered by the same Qualcomm chipset. And since they also have the same OS, they should behave in the same manner.


1.The Focus has a bigger AMOLED display than the LCD display on the Optimus 7Q.
2.The Optimus 7Q has a QWERTY keyboard while the Focus doesn’t.
3.The Optimus 7Q has more internal memory than the Focus but lacks a memory card slot.
4.The Optimus 7Q is a lot thicker and heavier than the Focus.

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