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Difference Between HTC 7 Pro and HTC 7 Trophy

HTC 7 Pro vs HTC 7 Trophy

To officially usher the re-emergence of Microsoft in the smartphone battlefield after they discontinued Windows Mobile, a number of phones that include the Pro and Trophy were released with the Windows 7 Phone operating system. The HTC 7 Pro and HTC 7 Trophy are very similar to each other with just minor differences to cater to the preferences of buyers. The main difference between the two is their form factor as the Pro is a slider while the Trophy is a candybar. Just like many other sliders, the Pro features a QWERTY keyboard, which some prefer for faster typing over the software keypad of the Trophy.

As always, the slider mechanism and the QWERTY keyboard adds thickness to the device. The Pro is roughly 3.5mm , or 30%, thicker than the Trophy. It is smaller than the Trophy though but only by a small margin. The slightly larger frame of the Trophy houses a larger 3.8 inch display compared to the 3.6 inch screen on the Pro. Although the other is slightly bigger, little else differs between the two; they have the same resolution and type. Another consequence of the added keyboard and all the mechanisms to make it work is the weight. Compared to the 140 gram Trophy, the Pro is 45 grams heavier at 185 grams. It might not be too much for some but others might find it too heavy to lug around in a pocket.

There are many shared features between the two, beginning with a 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor and ample amounts of RAM and ROM. Storage is provided by 8GB of internal memory, which should be sufficient for most media files. Both phones are also equipped with all connectivity options like GSM, HSDPA, and Bluetooth, so that you can enjoy the optimum speed for every situation. And of course, both phones have the Windows 7 Phone operating system. It is quite new and there are very few apps, since it is not compatible with Windows mobile. But with the software giant Microsoft, it is only a matter of time before these phones become a common sight.


  1. The Pro is a slider while the Trophy is a candybar
  2. The Pro has a QWERTY keyboard while the Trophy doesn’t
  3. The Pro is slightly smaller but much thicker than the Trophy
  4. The Pro has a smaller display than the Trophy
  5. The Pro is heavier than the Trophy

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