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Difference Between Samsung Omnia 2 and Samsung Jet

Samsung Omnia 2 vs Samsung Jet

The Samsung Omnia 2 and Samsung Jet are very similar in terms of looks and functionalities but they have distinct differences that are very likely to change decisions one way or another. To start off, even though both devices are equipped with AMOLED displays, the Omnia 2 has the bigger screen between the two. It has a 3.7 inch screen while the Jet has a 3.1 inch screen. Despite the difference in size, both units have the same resolution at 480 by 800 pixels.

Both the Omnia 2 and the Jet come in different models that have different amounts of internal memory preinstalled. Both come in 2GB and 8GB versions but only the Omnia 2 comes in a 16GB version. It isn’t really such a big deal as both phones are equipped with microSD card slots so that you can expand your memory whenever you like. The Omnia 2 does have another advantage with the card slots as it can accommodate memory cards of up to 32GB while the Jet can only accommodate 16GB memory cards.

Although it probably won’t make much of a difference for most people, the Omnia 2 is able to achieve higher HSDPA data speeds of 7.2Mbps as the Jet can only attain a maximum theoretical speed of 3.6Mbps. Not because the phone can achieve those speeds doesn’t mean that you would experience those speeds in real life. There are still a lot of factors, with the set-up of the service provider being the greatest.

The Omnia 2, like its predecessor, runs the Windows Mobile operating system. It is already a tried and tested smartphone OS and you have a lot of applications to choose from. Although the Jet is also considered as a smartphone, it does not run on any of the popular smartphone OS like the aforementioned Windows Mobile or Google Android. The Jet runs on Samsung’s own operating system, which is typical of ordinary mobile phones. The applications and associated service may be a bit scarce for the Jet.


1. The Omnia 2 has a bigger AMOLED display compared to the Jet

2. The Omnia 2 presents more choices in terms of memory compared to the Jet

3. The Omnia 2 has a higher maximum 3G data speed than the Jet

4. The Omnia 2 runs on Windows Mobile while the Jet runs on Samsung’s own OS

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