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Difference Between Smartphone and Multimedia Phone

Smartphone vs Multimedia Phone

Long ago, people used telephones to communicate with each other. They were designed for making and receiving calls. Then mobile phones came into existence and allowed them to take pictures and send messages aside from receiving and making calls.

A few years later, phones were developed that allowed users to access multimedia content and access the Internet. These are called multimedia phones which were introduced to the market in 2009.
With a multimedia phone, users can store and play music and also take and store pictures and videos in their phones. They can also have limited Internet access at lower speeds where files can be accessed but cannot be downloaded. This is due to the limited capabilities of multimedia phones and the operating systems that they are using.

Multimedia phones are different from smartphones. Smartphones are designed to function as computers with more advanced features and high speed connectivity. They use and run open source operating systems such as Android, Symbian, and Microsoft Windows Phone 7.

Smartphones combine the functions of a camera phone and a personal digital assistant. They have powerful processors, more memory, larger screens, and allow users to upload and download files from the Internet. Smartphones can also act as a global positioning system (GPS); take videos and pictures, send them to contacts, and upload them to sites. It also allows video chatting and uses a touchscreen or a stylus.

The Nokia Communicator line of smartphones was the first to have open operating systems allowing Wi-Fi use and 3D shift. Ericsson then released its R380 Smartphone. Palm, Inc. was the first to introduce the use of smartphones in the United States. BlackBerry then introduced wireless email in its smartphone.

High end smartphones also feature TV-out capabilities, and Apple, Inc. developed the iPhone, which featured 3G support and introduced the Apps Store which offers free as well as paid applications. Applications can be downloaded from websites.

Aside from their application features, multimedia phones and smartphones also differ in price. Multimedia phones are more affordable and are perfect for those who have no need for the advanced features of smartphones.


1.A multimedia phone is a mobile telephone that allows users to access the Internet, send messages, and take and send pictures while a smartphone is a combined mobile telephone and personal digital assistant.
2.A multimedia phone has limited Internet access while a smartphone has more advanced features and Internet capabilities.
3.A smartphone uses more advanced and open source operating systems than a multimedia phone.
4.Multimedia phones only allow users to store and play music as well as take and send pictures and videos. They cannot post them on websites. Smartphones make it possible for users to upload photos and videos to websites.
5.While multimedia phones only allow users to access files on the Internet, smartphones allow users to access and download these files.
6.Multimedia phones cost less than smartphones.
7.Smartphones have GPS, 3G, and allow video chatting while multimedia phones do not.
8.Smartphones are touchscreen while multimedia phones are not.

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