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Difference Between Nokia N8 and Windows 7 Phone

Nokia N8 vs Windows 7 Phone

Two struggling names in the smartphone business are Nokia and Microsoft. Both companies introduced new entries to try and stay on the game. Nokia has the N8, which features their latest Symbian^3 OS, while Windows 7 Phone is an operating system for smartphones from Microsoft that has been featured in a handful of phones from HTC. In general, the two are quite similar as they can do the same basic stuff expected of smartphones.

One major advantage of Windows 7 Phone is the services that are provided by Microsoft. These services are not stand-alone but are linked with other Microsoft products; Xbox Live for multiplayer gaming and Zune for music and multimedia. Although Nokia has been around for quite some time, it doesn’t have these services to augment the N8 with. Although you can get music via the OVI store, it is still not as good as what you can get with Windows 7 Phones.

One feature the N8 has that no Windows 7 Phone has matched is its camera. The 12 megapixel snapper with Xenon flash is probably the best you can find on a smartphone, and even better than some digital cameras. The handful of Windows 7 Phones have pretty good cameras though and there is no telling if any new model would equal or even exceed the camera on the N8.

A very recent announcement spells the end of Symbian^3 and the N8. Microsoft and Nokia have announced that Nokia would adopt Windows Phone 7 as the operating of their future. This effectively stunts the growth of Symbian^3 with just the N8 sporting it. Although there may still be one or two Symbian^3 phones in the near future, software developers would be abandoning Symbian like a sinking ship and moving over to Windows Phone 7 or the two other competitors. So app-wise, there isn’t much you can expect on the N8 while with Windows 7 Phones, although still very new, it is expected that a lot of apps would be appearing soon.


1. Windows 7 Phone is a smartphone OS while the Nokia N8 is a phone that runs the Symbian^3 OS
2. Windows 7 Phones have better services than the Nokia N8
3. The Nokia N8 has a better camera than all Windows 7 Phones
4. Windows 7 Phone is the OS of future Nokia smartphones while there would only be a few phones that have the same OS as the N8

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